How to get Free Instagram Followers

How to get Free Instagram followers to your account? This is the first question people ask who don’t have many followers in their Instagram account. Often many people try to buy Instagram followers online, but end up searching for “get followers on Instagram “. Some people even search for Instagram likes and Free Instagram likes.

If you don’t know how craze that Instagram has, now a days Instagram is being used by around 600 Million people worldwide according to

Instagram Statistics

This means, almost all the current millennials use Instagram. Every one wants to get free Instagram followers to their account. Because many people think that having very few or no followers to their Instagram make them feel bad about their social media presence.

how to get more followers on instagram

  • Free Instagram followers with popular posts

Popular Instagram post

There is a good chance that you can get free Instagram followers if the posts done by you became popular. But how to get your posts popular? First of all, your Instagram account should be a public account, not a private account. If you are concerned about your privacy, you will never get new followers to your Instagram account. If you want to get free Instagram followers, then set your Instagram account to public and try to post regularly and be active in Instagram no matter what.

  • Get Instagram followers by using top Instagram hashtags


If you continue to regularly post in your Instagram and use popular hashtags for your posts, then there is a big chance that your posts can be found in Instagram by others. If you are regularly updating your account and getting found by new Instagram users, there is a big chance that they might love your posts and may follow you. This is a great way to get Instagram followers to your account.

Here are some of the popular tags which are being used by Instagram users

#love #instagood #me #cute #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #picoftheday #igers #girl #beautiful #instadaily #summer #instagramhub #iphoneonly #follow #igdaily #bestoftheday #happy #picstitch #tagblender #jj #sky #nofilter #fashion #followme #fun #sun
If you are not sure about what are the hashtags popular right now, see this website tagblender where you can get the list of top hashtags which are currently in use.
  • Get Instagram followers by using Geotags

Upload your photos in Instagram by using Geotags.  If you upload photos using Geotags, there is a good chance that your photos can be seen by people who browse your location. This is a great way to increase viewership to your photos and videos. Once you get some viewers to your Instagram profile, then there is a good chance that people may follow you in your Instagram.

For using this feature, you need to make your account public, if you are using a private profile, no one can see your photos and videos and there is no way anyone can find out about your Instagram profile.

  • Give some space for your Instagram uploads

Do not upload your pictures and videos too soon in your Instagram. This may irritate your current followers. Because whenever you post something in Instagram, your update will be shown to all your followers. The more uploads you do in your Instagram, the more update your followers may get. And if you post too soon, their wall will be filled with your updates only and this may irritate your followers. So, try to do less and get more Instagram followers.

Do not post more than 3 posts per day. This what on average most people do.

  • Use Instagram Filters

You can make a normal picture to look amazing using Instagram filters. Many famous celebrities in Instagram are making use of these amazing filters present in Instagram. They bring lot of attractiveness to the picture. Obviously if you are posting a good picture in Instagram, you will get good reach and then more followers. This is also a great way to get free Instagram followers to your profile. There are a lot of filter apps which makes your pictures look good.

  • Instagram stories for more followers

Create a story with all of your memorable photos and upload into your Instagram. This is a great way to create a new story, if you are using an iPhone, then it will automatically creates a story with your photos. Or in the internet, you can find lot of apps which does that thing. The thing is being active and interesting will help you bring more likes and followers to your Instagram.

  • Upload during peak times to get free Instagram Followers

You have a maximum of 3 to 4 hours before your photo goes into Instagram community. If you upload your photos during the peak times when maximum people are using it, you can get random visitors to your profile and thereby more followers and likes.

Everyday, morning and after work hours are the peak timings where most people use Instagram. If you upload your pictures at this time, there is more probability that you can get more likes and more followers to your account.

And in a week, the most popular time is Wednesday between 5 pm to 6 Pm

If you are located in Central Time Zone, the 2 pm – 3 pm is the most active time for Instagram, if you are living in another time zone, then find out whats working for you, at which time, more people are active in Instagram.

  • Don’t share everything

Keep your Instagram account with attractive pictures only. Do not upload everything to your Instagram profile and make it look awful. No one likes to see rubbish, so do you. Upload images which are worth sharing and which are interesting. This way, people will get the belief that you only share quality content. So, they want to become a follower to your Instagram account. Say for example, if you happened to upload a crappy picture and you get a new visitor and when he sees your crappy picture, he don’t want to see any of your pictures and leaves. So, upload only quality content.

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  • Follow others to get more free Instagram followers

Just like in Twitter, follow some random people, so that they will follow you back too. Don’t follow too many people in short span of time. As your account maybe blocked by Instagram for spamming. Instead follow few people everyday and give them some time to follow you back.

If even after long time, they didn’t follow you back, then you can unfollow them again. People who just have created Instagram may use this method to increase their Instagram followers.

Best way to increase your followers is to stumble upon popular posts in Instagram and follow the people who are active in those posts, this way, you can get more viewers to your account and thereby more free followers

  • Update your Instagram account regularly

If you don’t regularly update your Instagram account, then all the hard work you put in getting free Instagram followers will be lost. Because no one wants to follow a dead Instagram account. Try to update it regularly with some engaging content.

If you don’t update regularly, your followers may start to unfollow you.

  • Join in micro communities to get free Instagram followers

Micro communities in Instagram are like a group or forum where people with similar interests talk about. Find some interesting micro communities in Instagram that suits your interests and join in to those groups and introduce yourself to that community. This is a good way to make new friends and get more free followers to your Instagram profile.

For example, if you love New York and its food, try finding food lovers in New York and join into those groups and make new friends. The more friends you make, the more followers you can get to your Instagram account. Once you joined into that community, all of your posts will get more likes and shares.

  • like-for-like and follow-for-follow Instagram accounts

No one will like an Instagram account with no or few followers. Everyone wants to increase their Instagram followers. You are not alone, there are some accounts who will definitely follows you back in Instagram if you follow them..

Here are some, follow those Instagram profiles and they will definitely follows you back.

– like4like




Try the above keywords in Instagram and i am sure, you can find a lot of profiles like this.

  • Use a Hashtags generator

There are some apps who can generate #hashtags for your Instagram posts. You can copy those hashtags and post it along with your picture. When people search for hashtags and your posts will be displayed for those tags. The more tags you upload, the more people sees your insta posts. This way you can get lot of likes to your Instagram posts and also more free followers.

some of the apps which are in use today are for generating hashtags


hashtag generator

  • Follow and Unfollow Celebrities

This is one of the creepiest way to get free followers to your Instagram account. Follow and unfollow Instagram celebrities regularly. What happens is, people often check celebrities Instagram followers list. If you follow them and unfollow them regularly, your name will be in top under the followers list of these celebrities, and there is a good chance that these people who are browsing celebrities might follow you.

But like i said, anything suspicious you do will ring an alarm to Instagram spam filters, so do this with caution, as this may result in account banning.

  • Buy Instagram followers and Likes

There are websites who sell Instagram followers and Instagram likes. But these followers and likes are not for free, you need to pay for their services. So services are reliable and you can increase your Instagram followers with it. But, with some service providers, your followers will only last few days and then disappear.

So, do a research before buying any Instagram followers or likes. In most cases they won’t last longer and moreover, these followers are not from real accounts, they are just created to follow accounts like this and make money. If you just want an increase in your followers, then go for it. But, if you want, daily likes and activeness from these followers, forget buying Instagram followers. They will never last, as those accounts might get removed by Instagram sooner or later. is a website, where you can tweet, like, share, follow and get points and use those points to get followers to your Instagram account. But what you can get here are both real and fake users. So, go with caution.

  • Like and Comment on Others Instagram Account to get free Instagram Followers

Its always a good way to make new friends. This is one of the proven way to increase your Instagram followers for free. Try browsing random posts and view random profiles and like their posts, comment on their posts and follow them. If you continue to do so, it will help your gain more viewers to your Instagram profile.

People may comment on your posts, like your posts, which will help you in getting more likes to your Instagram posts and also more free followers.

But don’t do overdo anything, this may alarm the spam filters set by Instagram. Set a number daily and comment and like their posts to get likes and comments to your posts aswell.

Because studies have proven that, people find comments so precious to them, and same with likes too. So, the more the comments they get, the more impressed they will be.

  • Call to action headings

When you do all the above methods to increase viewers to your Instagram account, when you do get viewers to your account, how do you keep them engaged with your content? If you don’t have any engaging content, they will just move away without follow you. For this, you need to use call to action headings to your posts, so that, when a visitor comes into your profile, they will have something to engage with, you might get a comment or a like for your content.

This is another way to increase likes and comments to your Instagram account.

A famous heading which most people use is

“Double tap if this made you laugh!”

  • Instagram Followers Hack – No Survey – No Human Verification

There is no real working Instagram Followers Hack available right now. So, please don’t fall for these spams.

Instagram Followers Hack

Instagram Hack

Look at the above screenshots, some websites asks for you to login to your Instagram account, before they increase your followers. But never ever do that, as they may steal your login information and use it for other purposes.

The sole purpose of these websites is to make you believe that they are going to increase your Instagram followers, but at last they will ask you to prove you as human, for that, they need you to fill up a survery for which they will make some money.

But, even after completing the survey, you will get nothing. So don’t fall for those scams.

Increase Instagram followers

Here is how they will ask for captcha verification

Manual Captcha

And finally, you will be shown with the following screen with full of CPA offers, for which they will make money and you get nothing

Content Locking

All the above ones are CPA offers, when you complete those offers, the website owner will make money. If you get what you’ve wanted, then it maybe fair to complete the survey for them, but you are getting nothing, they been ripping you off.

The only way to increase your Instagram followers is by buying Instagram followers or using addmefast website. But all you get is followers from fake accounts.

If you want, real people and real followers, then follow the above said methods, which will get you decent free Instagram followers.


Top 10 tips for using YouTube optimization for local SEO

Top 10 tips for using YouTube optimization for local SEO

We will try to discuss about a local search optimization tactic that is actually used by many SEO professionals. It is called the YouTube optimization. Why we say that it is the best because video promotion is something that very few business have opted for. It is a new thing and many people are yet to understand the importance of it. If you look in the recent past you will find that more and more people are opting for a video promotion as it can have a better impact on the customers. Some people are of the opinion that if they have a good product that is already established do they have to do video promotion? Well it is always a good idea to keep promoting the products no matter how popular they are. The market is getting very competitive and people will forget things easily if they do not get to see something for a long time. Everyone wants to try something new and look for the best option so never ignore the power of a video promotion.

If you are new to the concept of video promotion then is article is what you need. We will try to help you not only understand the concept but also how to optimize the videos. There are some technical tips that you must be aware of before you move ahead with this concept. In this article we will basically try to discuss these tips. We can only give you guidance but you must keep in mind that the video must be compelling and the subject matter of the video should be good enough to make an impact on people. If your video is not good these tips will not be able to make much of a difference. We are not saying that the quality of the video has to be great. There are many video on YouTube that are not of great quality but they are popular simply because the content of these videos are too good. You might have a video that has a very high resolution and the picture quality is also awesome but it will not be able to get enough audience if the video does not have a strong content.

You will come across a lot of videos that are giving information about the product but do people really want to know about the product you are selling? Try to make the ad imaginative along with being informative only then you will be able to make the impact on the viewers. The best way would be to make videos that are short in duration and can be spread over a certain period of time. Each video should focus on one aspect of the product or one area of the industry. For example you can make a series of “how to” videos. These can help you get more viewers and make the site popular in a small duration of time. These can also help you prove that you are an expert in the area and improve the ranking of your videos. It can also convince people that they can pay you for the service that you are providing.

There can also be videos on educating the customers on “how to select” the right product for themselves. Like “how to select the perfect night cream” etc. It will tell the customers how the quality of your service is too good and they must take these services if they want a better guidance in the matter. You can help the customers to choose better and ensure that you communicate well how they can choose you over your competitors.

Apart from the videos that we have discussed so far there can be other videos too. The imagination of yours is the only limit when it comes to produce videos. Making a good video is not as difficult as you think. All that you will need is a good cell phone or a digital camera. There are many software packages that are easily available to edit the videos. The packages are not very expensive too. There are many videos made by people across the world some of them are not of the best quality but the message that these videos contain is critical. If the message of the video is good no one can stop it from becoming popular. We will now discuss the top 10 tips that you can use to YouTube optimization for the local SEO.

  1. Geotag Your video – the first and the most important thing is that you should “Geotag” your video in order to ensure that it is associated with the geocoordinates of your own business location. For this you will have to use the advanced settings for the video that you will get in the video manager itself. YouTube will make it simple by providing you with a search field. All you need to do is enter the address in the field and click on the search button. The location will then be displayed on the little pop up map. Here you can further refine the location by dragging the pinpoint marker. Once you have saved this the YouTube will convert the location information into a longitude and latitude coordinate and will save it.

    We cannot say exactly hoe Google actually uses this information. Some time back these videos could be accessed by using the Google maps and YouTube also had this search option for searching videos within an area. These options are not there anymore but the data is still present. This is why they will search for videos as per the geographic proximity of the user searching. You never know Google might one day want to bring back this data to the surface so that they can be used once ore by the users.

  2. Include your NAP (name, address and phone number ) Part one – It Is always a good idea to include the NAP details near the end of the video (you can include the URL of the site as well). You can ensure that the text within the video can be read by using the Google’s interpretation algorithms. This can be done by using the optical character recognition.
  3. Include Your NAP (name, address and phone number ) part two – When you state the NAP details in the video there can be other advantages also like these can be automatically converted into the text transcripts produced by Google’s system.

  4. Link to your business in the description – At the beginning of the business video ensure that you include a link to your business website. These links are automatically “nofollowed” by YouTube. Still there is a ranking value that is attached to these links and improves the local search rankings for the site. It is possible that Google transfers keyword associations with these links. A page rank is not transmitted. It conveys the local citation value as there is no way to “nofollow” citations.
  5. Well utilise the description field – People often ignore the description field of the video. These are important and must include your address, phone number, description text and the city location. You must remember that the description field of YouTube is quite generous thus you should ensure that the initial paragraph or sentence that you are using should clearly describe what the video is all about. There is a section that you could include too that will provide a short biography about the company. These are crucial because they are like the points that will ensure a customer selects you over the competitors.
  6. Tag your video- Tagging is another feature that you can use in videos. With the help of tagging you can include stuff like the category name of the business. You can also include the location names of yours. The Keyword tags have been used as a “secret weapon” for a long time by many people for YouTube optimization. Adding a few relevant tags is always a good idea. These tags can be multi word phrases as well as single word terms.
  7. Using the Google places list try to associate with the video – Another important thing that you need to do with the videos is add these to the business listings in Google places.

  1. Try to associate the video with your Google+Local page – The next point is about adding the video to the Google+Local page. After the video is added on the Google+Local page your employees can also share the video on their personal Google+streams. The number of shares that the video gets is a sign of how popular it actually is. So try to ensure that more and more people share the same. People generally try to look for the videos that were shared the most on YouTube that is a normal tendency. The more it is shared it means the more it is actually trusted by the users.

  2. The video must be embedded – The video must be embedded in your website page or on your blog. You must be told here that the number of embeds a video has is also a sign of how popular it actually is. Some people often ask if the videos should be hosted natively on a website or you should just store them on YouTube. If you ask our suggestion that we have gained from experience is that you should house the videos on YouTube. You will get an embed code that you can use in order to display the video where ever you want. This will affect the ranking factors as well as the integration of YouTube as a top Google property. It will also provide you with many other benefits that you just cannot ignore.
  3. Promote the video – We now move to the last tip and it is about promoting the videos. Just because we are mentioning this point in the end does not mean that it is not very important. Promoting the video is integral and it must be encouraged. You should promote the video via different social media accounts. These include Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Google+. When you promote the video in all these channels you are basically ensuring that the potential consumers can see it and view it as often as possible. The more views a video gets the better will be it’s rank. We have already stressed on this before in the article. When you share the video across the different channels the chances are high that the perspective customers will see it and they would share it again. Each and every view is critical as it will add to the ranking of your video. The views not only prove the popularity of the video but they also add to the citation value of your business. This will help with the rankings and also ensure that local search results improve.

Always keep in mind that Google likes videos because the people who are surfing the net also like the videos. The videos thus have a very good influence on the search. You can use the tips we have mentioned above to optimize the video’s content and it will also provide you with a very strong tool for drastically improving the local search rankings. Many people often have more than one video. It is a good idea as it can help you to promote your business better. When you have multiple videos it is more important that you optimize your YouTube channel with a description that will link to your website. These will also help you to link some of your main social media profiles too ensuring that you make your business more popular. Do keep the points in mind and you will never feel that optimizing the YouTube videos is a challenge. If you do not have a video try to make one and see how it can change the ranking of your site on Google.

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How to Improve Your Social Media ROI with Facebook Reactions

In the social media ROI with Facebook reactions

Facebook with 1.55 billion users is the largest social media platform. We all know how powerful Facebook is and there is no need to discuss more about it. The new thing on Facebook is “Facebook reactions”. The product manager of Facebook said that there were a lot of Facebook users who wanted some different way of expressing themselves on the different posts and updates that keep coming on Facebook that is why they came up with the new concept that has been very well accepted by everyone. Many people still prefer the like button but the idea is changing soon. People like the idea of expressing themselves more on all the posts. More and more people are actually taking to Facebook reactions as they find it an interesting way of expressing themselves. Social networking is a good idea but you have to keep coming up with new ideas so that you can keep the audience engaged and that is why the new concept of Facebook reactions is being liked by people so much. This is giving them an option to do something new compared to hitting the “like” button something that they have been doing for a long time.

It is not the first time that Facebook has come up with this idea. They already had the concept of stickers since 2013 but that really did not pick up well with the users there were many reasons for that and some of it is listed below:

  1. Measurement in terms of the reactions was a huge problem. The metrics only counted the number of likes and comments but there was no way to measure the reactions if they were good or bad. This was one of the reasons that paved the way to the development of the Facebook reactions.
  1. The stickers were available with the comments itself as a result they would not count as reaction but as comments. Again the problem was to differentiate between a good and a bad comment or reaction.

To cope up with these two concerns Facebook came up with the idea of Facebook reactions. The concept had to be something that would be ready hit and could also be easily used on mobile phones. So what Facebook did was actually very smart and innovative they just modified the already existing like button and added these reactions to the button. So as soon as you like something you can react to it and you will not have to think too much the reactions are almost immediate. So it was a very simple idea that was well appreciated by all the users. Just roll over the like button and select the reaction that you feel is most appropriate.

Facebook reactions on the web

The enclosed image will show how Facebook reactions are working in the web.

So in the above image you can see how many people have actually loved the post and how many do not feel that it is worth it. You can actually see all the reactions so clearly on the web without spending much time.

Facebook reactions on the mobile

About 1.4 billion Facebook users use the mobile to access the platform. The image enclosed shows how the Facebook reactions can be tracked in a mobile device.

The Facebook reactions have been designed in such a way that they look good on smartphones too as shown in this picture. They can be easily used on mobile devices too.

The Facebook reactions also included an “angry” reaction. Many social media marketers were not happy with this and they thought that the angry reaction will score them down in social media. Well this is not exactly true Facebook does not consider the “angry” reaction as a negative one and we can explain this better with the image enclosed below. With this we have explained more or less about what the Facebook reactions are all about and how it has helped people to build a brand image.

If you want to build a brand image then you just cannot ignore the Facebook reactions. We will now quote some examples to show how Facebook reactions are important and should not be neglected by anyone.

To build public opinion

The most important function of Facebook reactions is to get the opinion of the public on different issues. An angry reaction means that people do not like what happened and it agitates them. These Facebook features can be used to launch online petitions too. These are very powerful tools. For example you have a channel like or These are basically taking signatures of people on social media through the Facebook reactions to check how much support the cause is actually getting. This can really show the power of social media and how we can use it to bring about a social change. The Facebook reactions have really made Facebook a great platform to express about things that are happening around the world. If you want to change something about the society then Facebook reactions is definitely the way to go.

Like in this post about the death of two tigers you can see the reactions of people and can be easily used as a public poll conducted for taking the matter further with the other animal activists.

To develop fun apps or games

The Facebook reactions can help immensely in building a fun app or a game. People who are into fun apps and games can use the Facebook reactions to not only promote their brand but also get more ideas from the Facebook users and followers about how they should change the game and the app so that they can get more likes and better reactions in the future. Facebook reaction pack plugin is also a great way to express emotions. Facebook know the age group they are targeting very well so they have used the characters from games of thrones to replace Facebook reactions. So instead to choosing the smiley with angry face you can chose the picture of “Cerest” from games of thrones in order to express that you are angry. This new idea from Facebook has really taken the social media by storm and many young people who are the fan of games of thrones are using these to Facebook reactions to express themselves on social media. We must appreciate Facebook for this great idea and it can be used by others on social media as a learning on how creatively they can use the Facebook reactions in order to build their brand names and images.

To test the quality of the content

For example you have content or a video you can share it on Facebook and with the help of the Facebook reactions you will get to know how people like this campaign of yours. It will help you understand the mood of your audience and how you can change the content in order to ensure that more and more people react to the content and share it on social media. The more likes and reactions your content get the higher will be your chance to get traffic to your post. It can be a very effective tool to check if the content of yours is going in the right direction and touching the right cord. Many brands are using this to ensure that they come up with the right content and do not waste too much time on building something that will perhaps not even touch the hearts of many people. You will get to know how people just love the content and how many feel it could have been better. You will also get to know if the content is actually making some people angry and how they are reacting to it. It is not possible to read all the comments that you are getting on Facebook but with the reactions you know exactly how many happy and how many angry reactions have you got without spending much time on going through the reactions.

In this case we have a photograph taken the reactions prove how much people are actually liking the work and if they would like to see some more of the similar type of photography. This will help the photographer understand what actually he should be doing.

To ensure that the right feelings are evoked

The Facebook reactions are about feelings and emotions. They are designed to ensure that the people can clearly express their feelings on the posts without wasting much time. Initially not many people were aware of the Facebook reactions but slowly many people have started to use the Facebook reactions only to express themselves. You have to build the right platform using the Facebook reactions to ensure that the right message is sent to the people. You have to educate the audience with the right message. It is a job of huge responsibility. You have to make the people aware that they can use the Facebook reactions to express themselves better. Like was used for a long time and it and still be used but it cannot talk about emotions and trigger a change. For example you are an animal activist and you are fighting for horses that are kept in very poor conditions and are used for entertaining tourists. People may like to support your campaign but just liking is not good enough if they react to the campaign of yours it will help you more as you will know that you have evoked the right emotions among the people and there are so many of them who are supporting the cause of yours. It can help you to get more sponsors and help for the cause.

Like in this case, a message is being sent about a dog who was found on the streets and is now looking for a home.

To snoop around

We have always been talking about how you must keep a track on how others in the same field are doing. For example, you have a blog or a post and you are getting certain number of reactions. Instead of being satisfied with what you are getting it is always a good idea to see the reactions that other campaigns of the similar nature are getting. Once you have a look at the other posts then you will have the data to understand where exactly you are standing in this matter. With this comparative analysis, you will know how you can change the things with your post so that you can get more reactions to your post. It is always good to be more aware of things that are happening around you when it comes to social media because things are changing so fast. Even if you have more reactions compared to the others you must keep a track so that you can notice any changes that the others are doing to their posts in order to get more reactions. You can learn something from everyone and that is the most important point in social media marketing. There is no end to learning and trying something different which was never tried by anyone.

In this case if you are a social media marketer you can look at similar posts from other bloggers to check how different is their content and why they are getting more or less likes from you. It will help you to get the right inspirations and work on making your posts better.

These are the different uses of Facebook reactions that we could think of. There could be more uses of these Facebook reactions and we hope that in the future these Facebook reactions will be modified and taken to a different level all together. If you are into social media marketing then do try to use the concept of Facebook reactions to improve the traffic coming to your sites. The Facebook reactions are a very strong way of expression and must be taken seriously by anyone who is on social media with a purpose.

20 Best Twitter tools for your Twitter Marketing

Twitter plays a crucial role in social media marketing. Do you want to call yourself a Twitter power user? If yes then this article will indeed help you a lot. There are lots of twitter tools that are available online. It is humanly not possible to check each and every one of these tools. We are just making your job easy we are listing for you some of the most effective twitter tools that can change the way you tweet forever. Twitter is a powerful network if you know how to use it. These are some tools that can help you effectively increase your sales and network using the twitter. Without wasting any more time let’s start with the list of these tools.

  1. Manage FilterIf you want to make your twitter profile more intelligent you can use this feature called “Manage Filter”. It can offer a lot of advanced features and a great tool called Powerpost. The Powerpost is like a power tool it can ensure that the posts you are writing are scheduled in such a way that they automatically get optimum visibility. This is a free tool that makes it even better. Another very interesting feature of this tool is that it can help you to unfollow all the inactive twitter accounts that you do not need.

  1. AudienseThis is an enterprise level Twitter management tool. However, it is available to all Twitter users. This is a certified product. Like any other Twitter tool this too has a number of unique features. One such feature is about finding the influencers and connecting to them. In other words it can help you to be there at the right time and with the right people. It can also tell you the best time for you to be on Twitter. There are features like running automated direct message campaign and get maximum CTR.

Having non followers in your Twitter account can be very disadvantageous so this tool can help you to unfollow in bulk. Not only that, it can also help you to look for people who might be interested in what you are doing. So all in all it can make your Twitter account more useful and effective.

  1. TweroidWe have always been saying that spying on social media is actually a good habit. Tweroid is actually a great tool when it comes to spying. It can tell you exactly at which time your followers are in action and this is the time you can capitalise on the most. If you have been networking for some time you will know that research is critical to networking.

    Tweroid can actually help you a lot in doing the research. If your research is correct half of the job is done. What you can do is analyse the data that you are getting from this tool and use it to schedule your tweets. Ensure that you are tweeting most during the most interactive period of the day for the best results.

  1. HootsuiteThis list of twitter tools will be incomplete if we do not include this very effective tool called the “Hootsuite”. This is a tool that can effectively combine almost all the social media like Facebook and LinkedIn. No wonder their caption is “social media dash board”.

    This can be a great tool if you are into serious online marketing. It can also help you to manage multiple twitter accounts. It can help you to re tweet across multiple profiles easily and effortlessly.

  1. Twilertyou must have seen how Google alerts work. This is like a Google alert but for Twitter. All that you need to do is set your keywords and you will get Email alerts for those. You must stay alert in social media in order to stay connected. You must be very quick to react to the alerts. What this tool does is alerts you with an email about some activity in twitter so that you do not miss an opportunity to participate in the event.

  1. TweepiThis is a cool Twitter tool that can ensure that you do not waste time on the non followers. It can quickly identify the non followers and ensure that you get rid of them. Similarly it can also tell you about people who might have interest in your tweets so that you can start following them. It can make your Twitter account look really interesting and less messy.

  1. TweetchatTwitter allows you to interact with people who send you direct messages. Yes that is true. However, you can also connect with those users using twitter who have not sent you any direct messages. There is a possibility in Twitter to participate in individual chatting sessions also that you are not a part of directly. This can be done by using the tool called Tweetchat.

    All you need to do is just sign in to Tweetchat. Choose the hashtag that you want to follow. This will allow you to connect with people who are talking about the similar topics. When you choose a hashtag you will be directed to a Tweetchat room. You can also control the users by ensuring that spammers are not a part of this chat. The page does not refresh not its own as a result you can avoid replying to the wrong people.

  1. TwibesTwitter ensures that people who have similar interest connect as a result they can benefit from this interaction. Twibes is nothing but Twitter groups that are created as per the interests that Twitter users have. It is like different interest groups. By joining these interest groups you can ensure that you build good connections and grow your network. It can be a good platform if you are new to Twitter.

  1. KloutKlout is a popular tool that most of you are aware of. It can be used to keep a good track of the social media accounts. It can also help to rank the users based on the authority that they enjoy. It can help you keep a track of how influential you are in social media and if you feel that you are losing out in some area you can start working on it. Some blame Klout for fishy rankings but still it can be a very effective tool to use.

  1. Twtpollthis tool can help you to gather interactions and feedbacks from those who are following you on Twitter. This can help you to create social media surveys and can also be directly posted to your Facebook and Twitter. All you need to do is ask questions to your users. Get the feedback from these users and ensure that the users are engaged. The questions that you ask can be multiple ones as well as a single question type.

  1. Tweetdeck This is a multi platform Twitter tool that can give more power and flexibility to the users. The Tweetdeck can help you easily swipe between the different profiles. It is a great social media analytics tool. As a result you can manage all the interactions that are happening in your profile at single go.
    It is like a personal browser. The download is safe and free. It is one of the best twitter desktop apps that you can get.

  1. Paper.liabout two hundred million articles are published in this Twitter news feed daily. This is a tool that is used both by the individuals and by the professionals. It ensures that the readers get engaging content. This can also help the users to curate the content automatically as well as manually. The feeds are then published in a newspaper like layout making the look very interesting. This can help a lot in ensuring that the content looks nice to the readers and they find them interesting to read.

  1. Triberr
    This is an app that easily lets you connect to all the members in your tribe. These are the members who will follow you. This is a good way to get repeated tweets from the influential people. This will ensure that you get all the attention that you deserve on Twitter. This can be a great tool if you want to be visible in Twitter. It can easily help you network with other bloggers who have similar interests. It can help you to join big leagues. This is a semi automatic tool. It can increase the visitors to your blog very fast.

  1. TwtQpon – If
    you are selling a product (digital or physical) online this can be a great tool to promote your product. It can help you to reward the followers and also increase the social reach. This can help you to offer coupons for your product to the users. This coupon is valid when they tweet about your product. This can work as a good tool to offer services that increases the social reach. This can also be considered as a great way of social couponing.

  1. Tweetreach
    This is a great tool that you can use for marketing and do PR for your Twitter account. This will let you understand what the true reach of your tweets is. This is for serious professionals who want to see how far their tweets are reaching. You will have to pay a minimum of eighty four dollars a month in order to subscribe to this tool.

  1. TweetStats
    Keeping a track of the usage of your Twitter account is a good way of recognizing the social media patterns. It is a free tool that can be downloaded easily. It can keep a track of the tweets not only on a daily basis but also on a weekly and hourly basis. You can see the status at anytime and on your timeline.

The data is generated in a graph form that is easy to understand and good to look at. This makes it more helpful to the Twitter users.

  1. BufferThis can be a very useful twitter tool for those who like to tweet in short bursts. Sometime tweeting in a short burst can make you lose followers with the help of this tool you can avoid this. When you use Buffer it will ensure that the tweets are distributed well across the day and are scheduled in such a way that the best of your performance is ensured. It allows you to tweet at the best possible time of the day. When you have a balanced tweeting schedule it will prove that you are an organised person and will ensure that you get more attention as a serious blogger. Buffer is also available in an app format. If you are using the Bufferapp you can enjoy some additional features.

  1. Group tweet Some time you may want to interact with a certain group only and not have too many unnecessary people in the loop. To keep your twitter activities private you can use this tool called “Group tweet”. This can help you build a strong community of people who are genuinely interested in your tweets.

    Another tool that is coming up big way on twitter is the “”. This is a very effective tool that can help you schedule tweets and automate a lot of activities. You can start with a free account of it. In the free account you can engage at least 20 people, which is a good number to start with. It will give you an idea of how the tool works and if you would like to buy it. It can help you to welcome people who have started to follow you again and announce top followers on daily basis, etc. The list of what you can actually do with it is a long one.

  1. Twibs This is like a directory of Twitter profiles that you can use for finding the people and groups on twitter that you should interact with.

These are some of the tools that can help to improve performance of your Twitter account and ensure that you can connect better to the readers and followers of your account. Anyone who is serious and wants to make it big on Twitter must try to use if not all at least few of these tools.

Best Twitter Unfollower Tools to Unfollow People who are not following you back

Social media is becoming a very strong platform to connect and be visible to others. If you are active in social media you can easily increase your business and contacts. However, this is always not right especially with an account like Twitter. In this you may follow many people but you will realise that many of those you are following actually do not follow you. If you do not have too many people following you it is not considered as a good sign. Twitter will allow its users to follow only two thousand more accounts than the followers of the user’s own account. If you have two thousand followers you can follow four thousand users. If you have four thousand followers you can follow six thousand followers. So basically the more followers you have the better it is going to be for you.

The best solution is not to follow those who do not follow you. The question arises how you unfollow these people. Can you do it manually? Well the answer is “no” because that is a very time taking process. You will also come across a lot of inactive profiles as well as fake profiles on twitter how do you manage all this? To answer this we will now list the best eight methods or tools that you can use to mass unfollow the non followers on twitter.

The need to unfollow the non followers

We all use twitter as a platform to connect to others. If you have a serious purpose for having an account in twitter you must unfollow those who are not actually following you. This can enhance the performance of your twitter account remarkably.

  • When you unfollow some people it will help to automatically reduce the clutter on your news feeds.
  • Suppose you are there on twitter for a business purpose you must ensure that you are connecting only with those who are serious about your business and can help your business. You do not need too many unnecessary connections on twitter that are not helping you with anything. This will automatically help you to concentrate only on those users who are important for you.
  • If you unfollow the non-followers you will be able to connect with more people. As we have already explained how having more followers can help you to follow more people and create more effective connections.

Well we hope this clarifies the need to move people who are not actually following you on twitter. We will now move on to explain the tools that can actually help you to achieve this. We will take you through eight such tools in this article.

  1. Tweet adder – Tweet adder is a very effective tool that is used by many for this particular purpose. This can really help you a lot if you are marketing in twitter. It is user friendly and can be downloaded easily. It does not have any re occurring fees associated with it. It is fully automated. The software updates using this is absolutely free. You can open as many interfaces of the program as you want.

    We have discussed the features and now we tell you what it can actually do:

  • It can unfollow all the users who are not using the language that you use and understand.
  • It will unfollow all those who either talk a lot or not talk at all on twitter.
  • Any spam profile can be easily spotted by tweet adder and these profiles are automatically removed.
  • It will unfollow all those who have recently started to unfollow you or generally do not bother to follow you.

The interface of tweet adder looks like the one enclosed. It will give you a certain idea of the many features this tool actually has.

  1. Social bro – We will now talk about another powerful twitter tool called social bro. This too can help you ensure that your twitter account is free of clutter. It can help you mass unfollow twitter users you do not need.

It can also help you with many other things. Some of it is mentioned below:

  • Collaborators – it will handle the teammates who are a part of your twitter strategy. It will control how much access to your twitter account should be given to each team member.
  • Audience insight – this can statistically analyse those who are following you on twitter.
  • Analyze competitors – this will also help you study closely the functioning of those twitter accounts that are competing with you.

The social bro is a very simple interface that anyone can use easily. All you need to do is just login to the social bro website with your twitter login and password. Just go to the dashboard and click on the community option. You will instantly see the list of all those who are not following you. The screen will appear like the one below.

  1. – the third tool that we are about to discuss is This is a very convenient as well as a popular method that is used to unfollow users on twitter.

You can use it to effectively make the list of influencers and help you build the community. One demerit of is that you can only unfollow about one hundred users in a day if you have taken the free plan. This can be a little time taking if you have too many inactive followers to deal with. There is another very interesting feature of You can use it to set filters that will automatically trigger action when a desired action happens. For example if someone new is following you on twitter it will ensure that you automatically start to follow this new person. This can actually save you from spending a lot of time on twitter.

  1. Tweepi – we now move on to the fourth tool in the list. It is called the Tweepi. This can really help you to make your twitter account more effective.

Needless to say the tool is simple to use. It can easily help you to unfollow all those twitter users you do not need and are not following you. It displays the exact and synchronised list of all those users who are new to twitter. This can help you follow the new users and make new connections. You can easily do away with those who are not following you. All this can be done free of cost. They do have an advanced tool that you can use if you pay. However, if your aim is to just unfollow the non followers the free version of tweepi is good enough. It has some additional features like:

  • Follow friends
  • Smart unfollow
  • Follow followers
  • Force unfollow in actives
  • Unfollow eggs
  • List members
  1. Crowdfire – a very apt name indeed for a tool like this that can help you remove all those users from twitter whom you actually do not need. Crowdfire was actually developed by It was known as justunfollowers before. After the name change some more features were added to the tool. Nevertheless, the original feature of unfollowing the inactive users on twitter remains the same.

The Crowdfire has android and IOS apps that work for it on a dedicated basis to help keep the twitter accounts clean. If you are using the free version of this tool you will notice that it can help you only spot twenty five non followers in a day and that can be a very small number if you have a lot of inactive accounts to deal with. It can do a very powerful analytics of your twitter account. It can also help you to gain more followers. It can show you a consolidated list of recent followers too. This can help you to connect with new followers without spending much time searching for them manually.

  1. Manageflitter – Of all the tools that we have discussed so far this is perhaps the most reputed tool. We say most reputed because it has been featured in the top social media blogs. The most unique feature of Manageflitter is that it can help you identify and unfollow those twitter accounts that are most talkative. This can ensure that you concentrate on newsfeeds that are worth and will also help you to keep your twitter account noise free.

There are many cool features that can be associated with Manageflitter these make it one of the most creditable tool in unfollowing the non followers in twitter. One such cool feature about Manageflitter is that it can actually show you the number of twitter users you have followed. It is easy to use and once you log in you to Manageflitter will notice that it has a lot of visual pleasures too. It is a critically acclaimed tool. It has about six hundred thousand people using it. It can easily help you search within your twitter stream. We are enclosing a screenshot of how the Manageflitter interface looks like.

  1. Friendorfollow – This is a simple and absolutely free tool that you can use to unfollow users on twitter. They also have a similar tool designed for instagram and tumblr. Using this you can basically control your accounts not only in twitter but also in instagram and tumblr. This is indeed an added advantage and can save you a lot of time. Like all other tools we have discussed so far you can use this too easily spot which users are following you and who is not. Using this list you can unfollow all those you do not need. The list generated by friendorfollow can be downloaded and saved in .csv format or excel to be referred in the future. This file can be used if you want to analyse the date of your twitter account in the future. Compared to other tools mentioned above this is relatively new.

  1. Untweeps – This is another free twitter unfollow tool that we must mention. Having fewer followers is always better than having an army of users who are actually not even following you.

All you need to do is login by using your own twitter account. You need to mention for how many days your account was actually not in use. With this information Untweeps will easily be able to identify the users who have not been following you for some time. With this information Untweeps will generate the list of users you must unfollow on your twitter.

Untweeps is safe and it ensures that no information of the user is saved in the servers.

It can easily help you to block accounts that have zero tweets and are inactive. It will also help you see whom you are blocking. You can also maintain a list of the accounts you have blocked. You can create a white list of accounts that are your favourites. Instead of automatically searching for inactive accounts like other tools discussed so far it will let you choose the inactive accounts by asking you to choose the number of days the account is inactive for as per your discretion. You can select either 30 days or sixty days. We are enclosing the screenshot so that you can understand what we are trying to say better.

These are some of the best tools that one can use to ensure that the non followers are removed from your twitter account. You do not need users who are not following you or adding value to your twitter account. It is always an intelligent decision to not keep those users in your twitter account who are not adding any inputs to it. You can use these tools that we have recommended for a while and see how it can change the activities in your twitter account. Twitter is a powerful tool to connect and with these tools you can make it even more effective as well as useful.

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