How to Stop Spam Registrations on the WordPress membership site


Stopping Spam registrations on the WordPress membership site

If you have a site that you had created using WordPress you will often notice that a lot of spam registrations are happening in your site. You must be wondering how you can actually stop this. In this article we will explain this in details.

The first method – Stop the spam registrations by using WPForms – This is definitely the easiest method that we can suggest. It is a very beginner friendly method. It will usually come with a user registration addon that will allow you to very easily add user registration form to your site and will also quite effectively stop the spam registrations. The WPForms is a very premium plugin of WordPress. For this you will need a Pro license in order to access the user registration addon.

If you are a beginner you can also use the WPForms coupon if you want to get a 10% discount on the purchase. Before you start with the process you will have to install and then activate the WPForms plugin. You can refer our previous article on installation and activation of WordPress plugins in order to understand the process better.

After you have activated the plugin you will have to move to the next step and that is, visit the WPForms page then go to settings page and verify the license key. You will get this license key from the WPForms website itself. It will look like similar to what is mentioned in the screenshot that we have attached below.

Once you are done with the verification you will have to go to the next step and that is you will have to visit WPForms page and go to Addons page. You will have to scroll down and locate the “user registration Addon”. Here you will have to click on the “Install Addon button” and then on “activate” when you do that you can go to the next step. We have highlighted the button that you will actually need to click in the enclosed screenshot.

After you have reached till here successfully you will have to create the user registration form. To do this you will have to go to the WPForms page and then click on Add New page. You must give a title for the form and then select the user registration from the template. We have highlighted the same in the screenshot that we have attached below:

This will launch the Form builder and the user registration form template. Each and every field can be edited by simply clicking on it. There is also a provision to drag and drop the fields if you want to arrange them in a certain order. The enclosed screenshot will give you an idea of what we are trying to say.

After that you will have to click on the setting panel and this is where you will have to configure the confirmations, notifications and the user registration settings. You will have to click on the user registration tab and continue in the following manner.

On this particular page you can map the form fields to your WordPress user registration fields. You will have to scroll down to the check box that you can see next to the “enable user activation” option this will show a drop down menu from where you can select the user activation method. The WPForms uses two of the most creative ways that can prevent spam registrations on any WordPress site. You can also chose to send a verification email to each user in order to confirm the registration. There is another method you can use alternatively and that is keeping a site administrator who will manually approve each and every registration on your WordPress site.

After you have selected the options that you feel are best for you then you can click on the save button to save the settings. This can be added to any page on your WordPress site and then you can use that page as user registration page. You will have to simply edit the page that you want to see and you will get the user registration page. On this page you will have to go to the edit screen and click on the “Add form” button we are enclosing a screenshot to show this button so that the readers get a better understanding.

Once you are done with this you will get a popup menu and you will have to select the registration form that you have created from the drop down menu. After you have selected the form just click on the add form button.

You will get a shortcode for the user registration form that will appear in the page editor. You will now have the option to either publish the page or save the page. Now just visit your own website and you will be able to see the spam proof user registration form. This will completely depend on your own user activation settings. The plugin will either need the users who are coming to the site to verify their email address or an admin will manually have to approve each user registration that is happening in your site. The choice is up to you.

The second method – Using the stop spammers plugin you can stop the spam registrations – For doing this you will have to install and activate the stop spammers spam prevention plugin. You can find the plugin easily but installing has to be done as per the steps that we have mentioned on our previous article on installing WordPress plugins.

Once you have installed and activated the stop spammers spam prevention plugin you will have to go to the stop spammers option and here you will have to go to the protection options. The stop spammers spam prevention plugin is a very powerful WordPress plugin. This quite aggressively monitors your website for any suspicious spam activity.

The default settings on this page tend to work for most of the websites. However, there are few options that you will have to uncheck. This must be done only when you feel that there are many legitimate users who are not able to login to your site due to the default settings.

After you have made the necessary changes that you feel are needed you must click on the save changes button to ensure that the settings have been stored. There are a number of spam prevention techniques that you can find in the plugin. The plugin uses the HTTP Referrer and Header requests to verify if the user is actually accessing the website or it is just a spam user.

The plugin stop spammers spam prevention plugin will also check against the Akismet API for the known spamming activity. Another feature about the plugin is that it maintains a list of bad hosts who are known for tolerating the spam activity and blocks them. There is a small chance that sometimes this plugin would lock out of the admin area. In case this happens the solution is quite simple. Just connect to your site through the FTP and rename the plugin file from stop-spammer-registrations.php to stop-spammer-registrations.locked. After you have done this you will be able to access the admin area of the site better and the WordPress will automatically deactivate the plugin for you.


The third method – Using Sucuri you can stop the spam registrations – At WPBeginner Sucuri is used to protect the website against the spammers and the various other security threats. Sucuri is a website that performs security monitoring services. It has the ability to block the hackers and all the malicious requests. It can also ensure that the spammers will not be able to access your site and inject any malicious code. Many WordPress users claim that Sucuri has helped them to block numerous WordPress attacks.



We hope that this article on Stopping Spam registrations on the WordPress membership site will definitely help the readers and ensure that they make the most of the WordPress site.