The best 16 online tools that can improve the conversion rate for any website

The best 16 online tools that can improve the conversion rate for any website

The main aim in online marketing is to ensure that conversions happen. You have come up with a great idea or a service and you are promoting it in all the social media sites so that people get to know about it. In spite of all the efforts you are not able to understand why your site is not getting the desired conversions. We will try to explain where the disconnect actually is that is stopping you from getting the desired conversion rate. There are some software tools that you can use and we will try to discuss 16 of these tools in our article now.

  • Conversion VoodooThis can work like a magic on the conversion rate of any website. This is a site that actually monitors the first impressions and also performs the A/B testing which ultimately helps to optimize and design of the landing page. Another great feature about Conversion Voodoo is that it will allow the users to do a free performance analysis of their website. The Conversion Voodoo comes with only one negative point and that is the fee is revenue based and has no upfront costs associated with them. This means that in case your business actually starts to do very well after you start working with them you will have to pay a huge bill which is something that many people would not like.

  • Mention This is a tool that will help you to monitor the social media on a real time basis. This will help you get a better idea of what the people are actually saying about the product or the service that you are offering. This tool will give you a good chance to connect with your on audience in a better way and ensure that your CRM strategy becomes more effective. It will also improve the user experience with a help of a better website and a more improved landing page. You can definitely try Mention if you want to improve the performance of you site.

  • SumoMe Now we move on to the next amazing tool that can improve the conversions and it is called SumoMe. This is nothing but a suit of free tools that anyone can use in order to improve the conversion rate of their sites. This tool enables the users to easily optimize the content and share the email subscribing. You can use this to start optimizing the email list building with the welcome mat, a scroll box and a smart bar. There is a very effective image sharer that will boost your share volume of images as SumoMe believes that “sharing is actually caring”. It also comes with highlighters and sharing buttons. SumoMe provides more than twelve free tools that will improve the conversion rate of the website.

  • App CuesThe list will be incomplete if we do not mention about App Cues.
    If you want to improve the conversions you will have to keep a track of how engaged the customers actually are on your site. This is an area that is often neglected and App Cues ensures that this area is given the importance that it deserves. How App Cues does this is by implementing a user on boarding process. With the help of this process you can teach the clients to navigate the site better. You can also ensure that the clients are engaging with you in a more meaningful way. The best part about App Cues is that it can change the frequent visitors to your site into loyal customers.

  • Usability HubIf you want to improve the conversion of your site then you must definitely give a try to Usability Hub. Many people have used it and have enjoyed the many benefits that it has to offer. It also comes with a free usability test that you can use to test your buttons, navigation and usability. The test is a five second impression test and will ask the owner any question that comes up during testing the site. This will help you to notice things that you have never noticed before. This will help you get more customers.

  • TutorializeWe now move to the seventh item in the list and it is called Tutorialize. It can really help to change the conversion rates. This will help you to create personalized videos and share them on the website or the home page. It will ensure that the confusion about various products and services that you are offering is removed. Tutorialize can make the online content more engaging for the users.

  • Visual Website OptimizerThe next in our list is the very popular Visual Website Optimizer which is also known as VWO. It offers some amazing A/B testing and can help you to compare two versions of the home page with the landing page. This will help you to learn which version is actually delivering a better conversion rate. The entire site is visual so it will help you to build a test that will not need any coding knowledge. Another great part is that it is absolutely free for the first one thousand visitors.

  • BuzzSumo A popular tool that deserves a mention in this list is BuzzSumo. It is a great way to find out the best performing keywords on each social media website. All you have to do is just type the keyword and it will tell you exactly how many times the topic was actually shared on Google, Twitter and Facebook. It can also show the figures for LinkedIn and Pinterest. So what it actually does is that it will tell you how your topic is trending on Twitter and other social media sites. If you feel that the topic is not doing well in any one of these social media sites then you can work on to ensure the performance on these sites. You will know where exactly the budget and time needs to be spent.

  • MailChimp Now it’s time to discuss about MailChimp which is again another tool that is highly used for improving conversion of the sites. We all want the buyer to be engaged all through the buying process. With the help of an active email marketing campaign you can ensure that the prospective customers are being managed at their own rate this is based on the progression of these customers with your site. The great aspect about MailChimp is that it can keep the people interested in your site even if they are to ready to buy something. It can ultimately increase your conversion by ensuring that you are actually not losing too many customers.

  • Five-second testA very effective tool that we will have to recommend is Five second test. What this tool basically does is that it will help you to understand how people are reacting when they are visiting your site for the first time. There are testers that will allow seeing your page for just 5 seconds. These are taken as a series of questions that are based on the first impression. If you can nail the first impressions you will be able to definitely ensure that the visitors become customers.

  • Content Idea generatorWe will now discuss about a very effective tool and that is called Content Idea generator. Even if you have the best blogs you might not get the best click through rates as the title is not impressive enough. To create impressive titles you can use Content Idea generator. It will give you the different title ideas that can get you a better click through rate.

  • Moz The next in the list is Moz. This is indeed a great tool and it can completely take over the SEO analytics and management of the website. It all depends upon the plan that you want. They can take over the whole content of your page or they can help you learn what will perform the best with your target audience. You can use Moz to manage your twitter account better and improve the SEO on your site.

  • Hootsuite Another tool that is extensively used to improve the conversion rate of the sites is Hootsuite. Using this you can manage the social media sites better. What it basically does is that it will help you manage all the accounts that you have from one web site itself. Using this you can improve the CRM, schedule posts, track insights and understand which content can engage the readers the most. Managing all the websites at one time is a challenge that can be made simpler with Hootsuite. It can save you a lot of time too. It helps you to schedule the posts not only for weeks but also for months.

  • LinkedInAs we are about to end the list we must mention the very popular LinkedIn. It is not a tool exactly but it can be a good platform to market your product or service. You may think why LinkedIn as people hardly click on ads when they are on LinkedIn. That is true but you will be surprised to know that some do click on the ads and out of these clicks almost 2.7% actually convert to sales. This is a huge figure if you compare to the conversion rates provided by Facebook and Twitter. This is because anyone who is on LinkedIn would like to buy from a business that they have interacted with on the site. The ads of LinkedIn are more expensive when you compare with the Facebook (conversion rate .77%) and Twitter (.69% conversion rate). Visitors to Facebook and Twitter will click the ads even if they are not serious but that is not the case with LinkedIn. Many people are ready to pay this extra price because they know that the price that they are paying is absolutely worth it.

  • Button OptimizerWe end the list be mentioning another amazing tool that is called Button Optimizer. The call to action (CTA) is very important on the landing page. It can definitely ensure if a conversion will happen or not. With the help of the Button Optimizer you can create custom CTA buttons in just few minutes. They make A/B testing much easy as the buttons are absolutely customizable. It is a tool that is definitely worth a try and can change the conversion rates dramatically.

Developing your own marketing strategy might take a lot of time. However, ensure that the time you are spending on the marketing strategy is actually giving you the desired results. These tools that we have discussed in this article if used will ensure that the conversion rate of your sites is increased to a great extent and will definitely change your bottom line. We hope that you will find this article informative and interesting. Do try to implement these tools and see the difference. You can use one tool at a time to understand which tool is actually helping you the most and how.