The Best Online Payment Solutions – Payment Processors For Selling Your Products Online


The Best Online Payment Solutions – Payment Processors

Online purchasing is a blooming industry and we all shop online on a daily basis. The industry is only going to become bigger as online shopping is on the raise. We will now discuss about some of the best online payment methods that you can use to send and receive payments online. We are discussing the names randomly do not take the numbers as ranking for the best and the least favourite option. These are some to name there are many more such payment processors. You can easily trust these names and do financial transactions with them and forget about all the tension of online frauds.

  • 2Checkout Another very popularly used online payment option is 2Checkout and we had to include this in the list. It is a payment processor that is a great combination of a payment gateway and a merchant account. It does not need any PayPal account or a merchant account. Starting with 2Checkout is simple all that you need to do is register your account and then verify the account. 2Checkout accepts almost all debit and credit cards. As soon as you have your account you can start accepting debit or credit card payments. The best part is PayPal payments as well can be accepted. International payments are also possible using the 2Checkout payment processor. Recurring billing and shopping cart stores and recurring billing are some other amazing features that 2Checkout has to offer its users. There are some very interesting and helpful features of 2Checkout and we highly recommend it to the users. We hope that this payment processor will help you to solve almost all the issues that you face with online payments.


  • Stripe The third in the list is called Stripe. If you are a professional developer then it is quite possible that you have either used Stripe or you have heard about it for sure. The developers usually use Stripe so that they can integrate the payment system into the project that they are doing or is a part of. This integration is possible because Stripe has a robust API. This also ensures that there is absolutely no need to have a merchant account. With the help of Stripe you can also build your own payment forms and can easily bypass the PCI requirements. It was developed for the developers and we recommend it to them alone. If you are not an online developer using Stripe will not help you much. A developer may like working with Stripe and there is also a possibility that they would prefer some other payment gateway as per their requirements. Stripe has been designed in such a way that it can work equally well in mobile phones.


  • ACH PaymentsWhen talking about the popular online payment options the name of “ACH Payments” has to be mentioned. Like all the others mentioned in the list ACH Payments also has many effective features. These features make it one of the best payment options that you will see. Using ACH Payments you can make global payments with ease. It works as a payment gateway. It can help you to make global payments and is a good mobile payment processor too. It can handle ACH payments and can be used as a payroll system too if you are into online business and have some people working for you. The advantages of using ACH Payments are indeed many and we do recommend that you give it a try. It is like too many things packed up into one package and is giving a good competition to many others in the list.

ACH Payments

  • WePayIf we have to pick up the simplest online payment method available we will choose WePay. It can accept payments in less than a minute’s time. The speed and simplicity of WePay definitely stands out. They are definitely making the online payment look simpler than it actually is. It is user friendly and the takers for it are only increasing. Nevertheless, the services of WePay can be as of now used only in the USA. We have to say that WePay is a great and safe option and must be tried if you are operating from USA. If you are not from USA you can look at the other options in the list. We can expect that WePay in future might try to explore other countries too.


  • Authorize.NetWe will now talk about the Authorize.Net. Why we are discussing this is because it is claimed that Authorize.Net is the most used payment gateway on the internet. One reason for this can be the fact that it has been in business for almost two decades. This started in 1996. They handle annual transactions about $88 billion on an annual basis. There are about 375,000 merchants using the Authorize.Net in order to make payments through e-checks and credit cards. There is something about the way Authorize.Net operates because they have been providing satisfactory service for a long time and the business is only expected to increase. The Authorize.Net team definitely knows the online payment business well. They do know the art of simplifying the business and the payments. They have made a name for themselves and we do recommend the readers to give it a try and we can assure that you will not be disappointed for sure.


  • Dwolla The next in the list is Dwolla. This is again an amazing way to make payments online. This can work as an on-ramp to the ACH network. There are some outstanding benefits of using Dwolla that you cannot enjoy in any other options that we have mentioned here. Dwolla allows you to transfer payments through phone, email, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter. If you are into business then it will allow you to integrate your bank account with the account transfers as per the needs of your business. They do not charge any fees on per transaction basis. Dwolla is simple to use and free too. They also offer advanced tools to the various businesses at a flat monthly rate. If you are not very happy with PayPal you can definitely give this option a try and see if this can help you more. Using Dwolla is safe and you can be rest assured that you will not lose the money or be victim to a fraud.


  • Amazon PaymentsWhen we talk about online payment options the first thing that we all want to know is if the option is safe. In case you are looking for the safest option then Amazon Payments is the answer. It is convenient as well as easy to use. It belongs to the online retail giant Amazon. They have a facility of ACH (automated clearing house) which can be used to send online money. Anyone who is into online shopping will definitely have an Amazon account and as result the personal information of the user is already stored and there is no need to input it again. Setting up Amazon Payments is very simple and can be done in a matter of few seconds. All the support and documentation that you will need while setting up Amazon Payments can be found in one place. You will be provided with a login and you can start using this payment processor immediately after getting the login. We would say that you can definitely give this option a try and see the results for yourself.

Amazon Payments

  • PayPal Everyone who has done some online financial transaction ever will know the name of PayPal. We had to include it in the list of the best online payment options else the list would be incomplete. We have to admit to the fact that PayPal is the most commonly used online payment option that is used by millions for years. It was like the pioneer. It is processing about eight million payments in a year a number that no one else in this list can match. It has 137 million active accounts. It has its presence in twenty six currencies and one hundred and ninety three markets. This ensures that using PayPal you can make payments to any part of the world. There are many other advantages of using PayPal and they are accepting checks with the camera of your smartphones. Card swiper and it also allows the customers to make purchases without even leaving the site. No wonder it has been a market leader for so long. If you have any fears of losing money or not getting back the money PayPal will ensure that all your worries are put to rest. Many people fear purchasing online thinking that they may lose the money but with PayPal you can forget about all these concerns and just concentrate on shopping what you want. However, many people do feel that PayPal is not the best pal they have for making online payments and as a result they look at other options. PayPal has a few drawbacks and that is exactly why it is facing tough competition from all the other online payment options mentioned in the article.


  • Google WalletThe Google’s version of PayPal is called Google Wallet. It helps the users to do hassle free payments and apart from that there is an added advantage of a Google Wallet card. Google is a big name that is trusted by one and all. It should not be a big problem for anyone to spend or receive money using the Google Wallet. Definitely one of the best options that we have mentioned in the list so far. Google Wallet is soon going to come with a physical card that can be actually used as a debit or credit card in different retail units. This is going to be a great help to the users of Google Wallet. At present Google Wallet has a huge number of users. Definitely very good news for the shopaholics. It has some really nice and innovative concepts when it comes to online payments. We are expecting that of all the names in the list this can give the toughest competition to PayPal.

    Google Wallet

The ten names we have mentioned in this article are definitely a must try if you are into online shopping. Most of the time people are actually confused if they should use credit card, net banking or some other method for payment. These methods are safe and can save you a lot of time. Do try them and see how they are helpful to you. Each one of the users will usually have a different requirement so they might find one of the above more helpful than the other. There is many such payment processors that you will come across and as the market is expanding we may expect to see many more such payment processors coming up in the future.

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