Top SEO techniques that can double your search traffic

top seo techniques

Anyone who has a blog would get excited by the idea of doubling the traffic coming to their blogs. A high traffic can definitely increase conversions too. All that you have to do is understand the needs of your target audience and ensure that what they want is provided to them. All you want is to ensure that as many people as possible are looking out for your site.

As per the statistics of Google every month ten million users search for something online. As the web page you have ranks higher in Google you will be able to get more and more people looking for your site. If your link is highest in the search result you can definitely expect to get about twenty percent more clicks compared to the other results. This can also increase your revenue. We will now enclose a graph that will show how many people are actually using Google to search on a monthly basis.

SEO (search engine optimization) is definitely important because about eighty percent of all website traffic starts with search query. We will now disclose some of the ways SEO techniques you can implement in order to get more traffic to your site. We will in this article discuss some of the SEO techniques that you can easily use for better traffic.

  1. Audit the site framework – Auditing basically means checking why your site is not getting the traffic that is desired or expected. In SEO auditing is more like a growth hack technique that will help you understand how you can get more visitors to your page.

When hotmail was sold to Microsoft it had about twelve million users and at that time only seventy million internet users existed. This consumer base was created by Hotmail in just one and a half year. This is the best example that we can quote of how auditing the site framework can help.

What you need to do is first understand the performance of your site. After that you must implement the new goals that can increase your profit. For example if you do a close study you will find that only about twenty five percent of people prefer to do online shopping and there is a huge potential for this business to grow here. This data was derived after doing an extensive site audit. Unless you do an audit you will not have the data needed to improve the performance of your site. We will take you through some steps now to explain how you can do this audit.

Go to the site of QuickSprout and plugin the URL of your site. When you click the “log in with Google” button you will get a screen like this.

You will get a screen with the analysis of your site performance as shown below.

As you move to the result page you will get a more detailed analysis of the SEO. This page will clearly specify which the areas you need to improve on are.

If you follow the suggestions mentioned you can definitely see that there is an increase in traffic coming to your site. Like in this case the heading tags are highlighted and must be changed. A little optimization of the heading tags can definitely increase the traffic. This will make more readers attracted towards your site. Apart from heading tags some more concerns might be highlighted that you can change accordingly.

  1. Creating more optimized landing pages – The landing pages must be designed well so that the lead generation and sales improve. Try to create as many landing pages as you can so that more gateways open up for the traffic flowing. Most of the sites do not understand the importance of a landing page. Some B2B companies even consider the home page as landing page. Homepage gives information about you but landing page can initiate a relationship. There are many professionals like Copyblogger Media who can help you create an effective landing page for the users.

    Using you can check if your landing page has a SEO value and if people are actually sharing these on social media.

Landing pages can actually ensure that you get more readers and also ensure that good revenue is generated. This aspect must not be neglected at all. We are enclosing a screenshot to make the idea clearer to the readers.

Most of the marketers are coming up with optimized standalone pages with every new marketing campaign. You can also try the services of It can help marketers to manage search and the social marketing in a much better way.

Dell will be a good example to quote here. They did a detailed study of how landing pages can give better results compared to website pages and they got three hundred percent better results. We will now explain how exactly you can optimize the landing pages:

Step 1 – First you will have to pick up a long tail keyword that you can use to create a landing page.

Step 2 – In case you are using some more landing pages then you must ensure that keywords, title tags and meta descriptions are also added. The keywords used here must be natural.

Step 3 – whenever you add content to the landing page ensure that it is over 200 words and this will get you a better rank in Google search.

Step 4 – the content you write in the landing page must be meaningful and informative.

Anatomy of a successful landing page consists of:

  • A good Headline
  • Secondary headline
  • Subtitle
  • Bullet points
  • Images
  • Graphs
  • Testimonials
  • Internal links

The enclosed screenshot explains some points that a good landing page must have.

It is done to ensure that the readers like the page and keep coming back. The design of the page is important. If the content is good but the design is bad it will fail to get enough readers. “Design is King” is a professional service provider who can help you design the landing pages better.

There are many articles online that discuss about copywriting. You can read these and create landing pages that compelling and have good SEO value.

  1. Data research that adds to end user value – The content that you are creating is for the target audience. So the content must always be created keeping the target audience in mind. What you have to do is think what is it that the target audience wants to read about. You can use On the homepage itself you will find a number of topics that can be of interest to people. You can easily look at keywords here. Spend at least a good half an hour and you will definitely get the keyword you should write your blog on.

Sometime you don’t even have to go so far. Just see the questions that the users are posting on your blog you might get the keyword in these questions too. This will ensure that the readers remain loyal as you are answering the questions they are coming up with. Even Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups that you are a part of can give you the ideas you can work on.

You can also use UberSuggest for getting long tail keyword ideas. This data is directly taken from what people are searching for in Google so you can completely trust this. It is important to choose a good keyword that can generate good readership. All you need to do is login to and enter the keyword. You will get a CAPTCHA box fill that and click on the suggest button. You will get a long list of long tail keywords and you can chose the one you like the most.

Once you have a data that people are searching for half of the job is done. Your job is giving your opinion on this topic and it is up to the readers to like and share it.

  1. Double the infographic power –
    Infographics is very important in content creation. We will now explain how you can use this in order to get more readerships for your blog. Info and graphics are both equally important and one should not be given importance to the other. The following graph will help you understand how this can actually help and why the trend is only expected to grow in the near future.

A research proves that about ninety percent of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual no wonder with the help of Infographics you can get more readers for your blog. You can use to find professional infographic designer.

You can pick any designer and read the profile. Now write a fresh content based on the infographic that you have selected. A fresh topic along with infographic can get you more traffic. If you do not have the time you can hire professionals like to do the job for you.

  1. The site should be made mobile friendly and responsive – mobile search queries are increasing rapidly so you have to ensure that the site targets mobile users in order to get more traffic. Mobile users are more into online shopping as they can do it from anywhere. Another reason why you should concentrate on this area is that soon Google will start to penalise those sites that are not user friendly. The graph below will point how the mobile commerce is growing rapidly. There are many articles online that you can read about making your site mobile friendly.

  1. The live keywords of the competitors must be targeted – we have always emphasised that the competitors must be followed carefully. Your competitors have actually done all the hard work so all that you need to do is perhaps just reap the benefit.

    Just sign up for the newsletter of the competitors and that can give you the keywords that you are looking for. With this you can make your build your competition based on data and not on just assumptions.

    Live keywords are those that are ranking in top Google results. Finding the live keywords of your competitors is actually a simple job. All that you need to do is login to SEMrush and then type the URL of the competitor. Set the country you are located at. After that you need to click on the search button. The result will be something like the screenshot attached.

This will clearly specify the live keywords that the competitors are using and getting a ranking for. To make assurance doubly sure you can search for these keywords in Google and see if they are actually having a good rank. Once you do this search you know that you can use these long tail keywords to create more profitable contents. Needless to say this will get you a good ranking in Google too.

Now that you have created a content based on the live keyword of your competitor you must contact the sites and blogs who have linked with your competitor’s site and tell them about your article. This will give an automatic boost to the traffic that is coming to your site. The obvious question is “how do I find these linking sites? The answer is simple all that you need to do is use the website called In this site you will have to type the URL of the competitor then fill the CAPTCHA code and then click the “check backlinks” button. As you click on each of the sites you will have to go to the contact tab and find the contact details of the site owner.

The more the rank of your article in the better revenue it will generate. As soon as you know what the target audience is looking for you have got your topic. If you can develop the content in an interesting manner it will definitely reach all the readers out there and make you popular. SEO can play a critical role in this. So what are we waiting for let’s get started!

  1. Deep linking must be used for the internal pages – What exactly is the meaning of “deep linking”. As the name itself suggests it is basically a practice of using an anchor text to link all the other pages inside your blog. When you do so Google will understand how deep your site actually is and this can increase your ranking in Google search. Many bloggers actually do not understand the importance of linking the pages. All they want is traffic coming to the home page as a result the other internal pages suffer. The enclosed diagram will explain what exactly we mean.

When you write a new blog you should never forget the older blogs. They are still popular and are already getting traffic for you. You must link these old articles to the new article so that more and more readers get attracted to your new articles. The internal pages must be linked more frequently.

Another important thing that you must know here is that when you more are linking the internal pages you are adding more SEO value not only to the new article but also to the older articles. As you improve the SEO value of these internal pages the search ranking of your site will automatically increase even or the tough keywords.

Before you start linking these internal pages you must have a good idea of how many internal links can be used. To do this you will have to first go to You will have to key in the URL of your site and then click the search button.

After this you will get the following screen.

As shown in the picture click on the “top pages” button. You will get a screen like the one shown below with the ratio of the inbound links.

This particular URL as you can see was getting more inbound links than compared to blog posts and contact pages. If you get more hits on your home page your bounce rate will be quite high. So in order to reduce the bounce rate a good solution is to start deep linking. We will now let you know why you must give so much of importance to deep linking:

  • This can make your internal pages Indexable– when you use internal linking extensively you will ensure that search engine spiders can easily index the landing pages of yours. When you write a new article you should not wait for search engines to index them what you should do is internally link them and see how fast they get indexed.
  • This can improve the authority of the page – when you keep adding fresh content regularly it can increase the authority of the page. You can get the same results when you internally link the pages. As the content gets older the ranking automatically reduces in Google search to avoid this, a great way is to internally link the articles.
  1. The archive pages must be refreshed –
    anyone who has been blogging for sometime will have a lot of archives. These archives are nothing but gold mines. Anyone who has been blogging for a while will realise that some of their articles generate more traffic and get more comments. What you need to do is improve these articles over and over again so that these get you a better ranking. These archive pages are important for the growth of your blog and must not be ignored. If you build on these the search traffic can increase tremendously.

    We will now explain how you can work on these archive pages:

    Step 1 – Google Analytics can be a great tool here. Just login to it and click on “behaviour”. As shown in the image below:

    Step 2 – Now you will have to click on the “site content” you will get all the posts that have been performing really well in the last few months.

    Now that you have the data we will tell you how exactly can you refresh these archive pages and ensure that you get more traffic.

    The headlines that you write must be sharable – the headline should be such that people would find it interesting and share it. The headline should make the readers curious. Study proves that people like to share articles that have numbers in the headlines so you can ensure that the headline contains a number. Here is a pictorial representation of what we are trying to say.

    The facts in your headlines must be supported with data and facts – your content will automatically reflect the experience you have gained as a blogger right. You must ensure that the content you have written is backed by facts and data from others. This will add value to your blog and attract more readers to it. For example if there is a testimonial on your blog from someone saying how much they benefited from your blog it will only increase the worth of your blog.

  2. Authoritative social platform must be leveraged –
    when your article is new you cannot expect to get good rankings from day one itself. It will take you time to get recognised and that is absolutely normal. What you can do is leverage bigger social platforms. This does not include Facebook and twitter. The simple reason being association with these do not lead to increase in ranks but only increase in engagement. However, there are sites like Slideshare, Blogger, Quora and Docstoc. The advantage is that these sites will help you get better ranking in a short span of time.

Some people may question if leveraging authority social platform can actually increase the search traffic? The answer is “yes” it can and many people have used this method.

You can use Slideshare to improve traffic coming to your site too. The following steps will explain how you can do this:

Step 1: by just selecting a keyword and creating a slideshow cannot get you the buzz you are looking for. What you need to do is look for discussion topics and look at what exactly people are talking about. You can do this by visiting social media forums as well as sites like Here you can find a lot of topics. Pick any topic that is related to the topics you write about and start developing your blog after a detailed study.

It is not important that your slideshow must have fifty or hundred pages. Ensure that your presentation is good and around thirty five pages. It should give good value to the viewers and that is all we need to look at.

Step 2: Before you start with the presentation you must have an outline ready for it. Each outline that you think of will become a slide in the presentation that you are preparing. Sometime you may like to use the outline of someone else’s design in this case ensure that you take permission of the concerned person and also give credit to the person.

Step 3: Images are critical as we have already explained how images make better memory. Try to use as many images as you can in order to make the presentation attractive. “Free stock photos” is a good option where you can find a lot of pictures that you can use.

You can also use Gratisography without worrying about copyright issues. Before you use the pictures remember the following:

  1. Do not use pictures that are not relevant to you
  2. The picture quality should be good and clear
  3. Pictures used must not have copyright restrictions
  4. The images should not come over the text you have written

Step 4: You must study presentations that have been successful only then you will be able to create a good presentation online. Slideshare itself will feature some of the successful slideshows that you can study. When you see these presentations you will get a better idea of how exactly your presentation should look like.

Step 5: Now that you have all the details about making a beautiful presentation what exactly are you waiting for? Start making your own presentation. You must include a landing page in the presentation and where ever possible link pages to the slide show. Once the presentation is ready ensure that you share it on animoto, scribd and docstoc this will ensure that you get a good viewership to your presentation.

  1. LSI should be implemented – LSI is latent semantic indexing. It is nothing but a retrieval technique that will use a mathematical formula to identify the patterns in a given paragraph or in a text.

You can also say that LSI is basically synonyms for the keywords that you are writing about. If LSI is used instead of keywords it can increase the ranking of your article in Google. Instead of repeatedly using keywords LSI must be used in order to get more traffic.

The LSI will tell the Google spider how to index the content of your article based on the intent of it. The present mantra is that keyword stuffing must be avoided at all cost and that is possible by using LSI. There are many topics that can be absolutely irrelevant to each other although they are using the same keyword. One such example would be “apple”. The topic “apple” can be used as a fruit as well as it can be about iphone, ipads and Steve jobs. The LSI that you use in the article will help Google understand which “apple” you are actually referring to and accordingly the search engine will work. So the LSI in the content gives the much required intent to the article. With LSI the Google spider can actually figure out how to index the article. There are so many things written every day online if LSI is not used effectively it can be very confusing and even lead to a low search rank for a well written article.

You can run a Google search looking for words that mean the same and can be good LSI keywords. They can be different words with same meaning or sometimes with a different structure. LSI is important but you must use them only when they are needed. The natural flow the content is more important than inserting LSI into it. The LSI keyword should not override the main keywords. These words are just used to add more meaning and value to the article so that Google understands the topic you are writing about better.

We hope that you will find these methods of use. It is not possible to use all these methods at the same time. You can start with one method at one time. Blog is a great way to improve the brand marketing. It has been proved that about eighty percent consumers like to read from the brands. If you want a brand image you have to work on the SEO. The blog must contain all the information that the people are looking for. It is true that the methods we have given might take you some time to understand and implement but once you master them there is absolutely no looking back for you. Do implement these and let us know how it impacted your blog.