Top 10 tips for using YouTube optimization for local SEO

Top 10 tips for using YouTube optimization for local SEO

We will try to discuss about a local search optimization tactic that is actually used by many SEO professionals. It is called the YouTube optimization. Why we say that it is the best because video promotion is something that very few business have opted for. It is a new thing and many people are yet to understand the importance of it. If you look in the recent past you will find that more and more people are opting for a video promotion as it can have a better impact on the customers. Some people are of the opinion that if they have a good product that is already established do they have to do video promotion? Well it is always a good idea to keep promoting the products no matter how popular they are. The market is getting very competitive and people will forget things easily if they do not get to see something for a long time. Everyone wants to try something new and look for the best option so never ignore the power of a video promotion.

If you are new to the concept of video promotion then is article is what you need. We will try to help you not only understand the concept but also how to optimize the videos. There are some technical tips that you must be aware of before you move ahead with this concept. In this article we will basically try to discuss these tips. We can only give you guidance but you must keep in mind that the video must be compelling and the subject matter of the video should be good enough to make an impact on people. If your video is not good these tips will not be able to make much of a difference. We are not saying that the quality of the video has to be great. There are many video on YouTube that are not of great quality but they are popular simply because the content of these videos are too good. You might have a video that has a very high resolution and the picture quality is also awesome but it will not be able to get enough audience if the video does not have a strong content.

You will come across a lot of videos that are giving information about the product but do people really want to know about the product you are selling? Try to make the ad imaginative along with being informative only then you will be able to make the impact on the viewers. The best way would be to make videos that are short in duration and can be spread over a certain period of time. Each video should focus on one aspect of the product or one area of the industry. For example you can make a series of “how to” videos. These can help you get more viewers and make the site popular in a small duration of time. These can also help you prove that you are an expert in the area and improve the ranking of your videos. It can also convince people that they can pay you for the service that you are providing.

There can also be videos on educating the customers on “how to select” the right product for themselves. Like “how to select the perfect night cream” etc. It will tell the customers how the quality of your service is too good and they must take these services if they want a better guidance in the matter. You can help the customers to choose better and ensure that you communicate well how they can choose you over your competitors.

Apart from the videos that we have discussed so far there can be other videos too. The imagination of yours is the only limit when it comes to produce videos. Making a good video is not as difficult as you think. All that you will need is a good cell phone or a digital camera. There are many software packages that are easily available to edit the videos. The packages are not very expensive too. There are many videos made by people across the world some of them are not of the best quality but the message that these videos contain is critical. If the message of the video is good no one can stop it from becoming popular. We will now discuss the top 10 tips that you can use to YouTube optimization for the local SEO.

  1. Geotag Your video – the first and the most important thing is that you should “Geotag” your video in order to ensure that it is associated with the geocoordinates of your own business location. For this you will have to use the advanced settings for the video that you will get in the video manager itself. YouTube will make it simple by providing you with a search field. All you need to do is enter the address in the field and click on the search button. The location will then be displayed on the little pop up map. Here you can further refine the location by dragging the pinpoint marker. Once you have saved this the YouTube will convert the location information into a longitude and latitude coordinate and will save it.

    We cannot say exactly hoe Google actually uses this information. Some time back these videos could be accessed by using the Google maps and YouTube also had this search option for searching videos within an area. These options are not there anymore but the data is still present. This is why they will search for videos as per the geographic proximity of the user searching. You never know Google might one day want to bring back this data to the surface so that they can be used once ore by the users.

  2. Include your NAP (name, address and phone number ) Part one – It Is always a good idea to include the NAP details near the end of the video (you can include the URL of the site as well). You can ensure that the text within the video can be read by using the Google’s interpretation algorithms. This can be done by using the optical character recognition.
  3. Include Your NAP (name, address and phone number ) part two – When you state the NAP details in the video there can be other advantages also like these can be automatically converted into the text transcripts produced by Google’s system.

  4. Link to your business in the description – At the beginning of the business video ensure that you include a link to your business website. These links are automatically “nofollowed” by YouTube. Still there is a ranking value that is attached to these links and improves the local search rankings for the site. It is possible that Google transfers keyword associations with these links. A page rank is not transmitted. It conveys the local citation value as there is no way to “nofollow” citations.
  5. Well utilise the description field – People often ignore the description field of the video. These are important and must include your address, phone number, description text and the city location. You must remember that the description field of YouTube is quite generous thus you should ensure that the initial paragraph or sentence that you are using should clearly describe what the video is all about. There is a section that you could include too that will provide a short biography about the company. These are crucial because they are like the points that will ensure a customer selects you over the competitors.
  6. Tag your video- Tagging is another feature that you can use in videos. With the help of tagging you can include stuff like the category name of the business. You can also include the location names of yours. The Keyword tags have been used as a “secret weapon” for a long time by many people for YouTube optimization. Adding a few relevant tags is always a good idea. These tags can be multi word phrases as well as single word terms.
  7. Using the Google places list try to associate with the video – Another important thing that you need to do with the videos is add these to the business listings in Google places.

  1. Try to associate the video with your Google+Local page – The next point is about adding the video to the Google+Local page. After the video is added on the Google+Local page your employees can also share the video on their personal Google+streams. The number of shares that the video gets is a sign of how popular it actually is. So try to ensure that more and more people share the same. People generally try to look for the videos that were shared the most on YouTube that is a normal tendency. The more it is shared it means the more it is actually trusted by the users.

  2. The video must be embedded – The video must be embedded in your website page or on your blog. You must be told here that the number of embeds a video has is also a sign of how popular it actually is. Some people often ask if the videos should be hosted natively on a website or you should just store them on YouTube. If you ask our suggestion that we have gained from experience is that you should house the videos on YouTube. You will get an embed code that you can use in order to display the video where ever you want. This will affect the ranking factors as well as the integration of YouTube as a top Google property. It will also provide you with many other benefits that you just cannot ignore.
  3. Promote the video – We now move to the last tip and it is about promoting the videos. Just because we are mentioning this point in the end does not mean that it is not very important. Promoting the video is integral and it must be encouraged. You should promote the video via different social media accounts. These include Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Google+. When you promote the video in all these channels you are basically ensuring that the potential consumers can see it and view it as often as possible. The more views a video gets the better will be it’s rank. We have already stressed on this before in the article. When you share the video across the different channels the chances are high that the perspective customers will see it and they would share it again. Each and every view is critical as it will add to the ranking of your video. The views not only prove the popularity of the video but they also add to the citation value of your business. This will help with the rankings and also ensure that local search results improve.

Always keep in mind that Google likes videos because the people who are surfing the net also like the videos. The videos thus have a very good influence on the search. You can use the tips we have mentioned above to optimize the video’s content and it will also provide you with a very strong tool for drastically improving the local search rankings. Many people often have more than one video. It is a good idea as it can help you to promote your business better. When you have multiple videos it is more important that you optimize your YouTube channel with a description that will link to your website. These will also help you to link some of your main social media profiles too ensuring that you make your business more popular. Do keep the points in mind and you will never feel that optimizing the YouTube videos is a challenge. If you do not have a video try to make one and see how it can change the ranking of your site on Google.

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