Top Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter Analytics Tools

With the advance of twitter analytics, twitter users can get some insightful data about their tweets directly from twitter. With the release of its powerful API, a lot of twitter tools were released by many developers and some were tried to give some value with their tools, but many of them got vanished as they failed to give users what they wanted, but some tools still survived and are doing really good by giving good value to its users with their tools. These tools will help in analyzing your twitter data like visualizing your tweets and followers.

Today, I am going to write on the list of available twitter analytics tools for your twitter analysis. With the generous API from twitter, a lot of twitter tools have popped up recently. People might be skeptical to try these new tools always. So, I thought I would give some insights on the available twitter analytics tools out there.

I am going to constantly update this post with new tools. Below are the top twitter analytic tools.

#1 TweepsMap

Since the name itself reveals it creates a map of your twitter followers. Have you ever wondered where in the earth your twitter followers are from? This Tweepsmap twitter analytic tool will help you in visualizing your twitter followers in a map. So, that you can see where your followers are coming from.

This tool is free up to 6000 followers. If you have followers more than 6000 means, you need to upgrade your plan to access its features.

Or they will ask you to tweet about their company so that, they can you give access to their tool.

Once you do so, you will get access to their tool.

You can get visual analytics with this tool about your followers. See below for the screenshot of its inside interface.

In the above, you can get information about your followers like where are your twitter followers are coming from like from which country you have most followers. For example in the above account, I have most visitors coming from Japan which are about 17.6%. You can also get information about from which state they are from. But it is available for Pro version users. Right now, I am using their free version to show you a demo of this tool.

You can also visualize your data in a pie chart. To get that, in the top left hand side of your dashbpard. you can see a List button to see your data in pie diagram.


Here are the other features of TweepsMap.

Intelligent Publishing:

  • Best Times to Tweet: Basing on your twitter account activity, it analyzes your account and gives the best times to tweet, so that you can reach all of your audience effectively. Their algorithm explores your audience’s behavior and their viewing habits and gives the best times for you to tweet. They analyze your followers viewing behavior by day and hour, so that they can analyze your follower’s behavior, viewing habits etc and finally gives you the best time to tweet to reach them.


  • Tweet Reach and Impact: With TweepsMap, you can also view your reach and its impact on your twitter account. It gives the data on your tweet reach, group of and replies and also retweets. You can sort your followers by city. And also, you can view your top influencers in your followers list, like who are engaging mostly with your content.


  • Explore Hashtag & Keyword: With this cool feature, you can search your twitter account with keyword’s or hashtag’s reach using Tweepsmap. With this feature, you can get info like who is talking about your brand and where are your tweets being retweeted. From which content, your followers are engaging with you.


Community Management:

  • Followers Map: This I have already shown you in the above, you can get your follower’s geo location using a map.
  • Analyze Growth/Decline: This feature is very important for people who want to target specific areas. Because, you can analyze your twitter followers to a city level with this tool. You can know from which city your twitter followers are increasing or decreasing by comparing your data with your previous data.
  • Follower History: With this, you can get history of your followers map like how your map looked in the past and how it is looking now.
  • Time zones/Languages: It also organizes your twitter followers basing on time zones and language they speak.
  • Unfollows: With this feature, you can know how many unfollows had happened to your account recently.
  • Top/Recent: With this feature, you can see your followers who are having most followers, so that you can know who are important and who are not.
  • Widgets: With this feature, you can create a map or chart widget of your twitter followers with your follower’s geographical data. This will be helpful in giving insights to your advertisers.

Community Building:

  • Inactive Accounts: If you are following any inactive twitter accounts who did not tweeted in six months, you can get that data with this feature. You can simply unfollow these inactive accounts using this tool.
  • Not Following Back: Many twitter starters follow a lot of accounts in order to get follows to their accounts. But after few days, some people will unfollow those people when they get enough followers. If you want to know who are not following you back, then with this tool, you can easily find them out.
  • Following Map: With this, you can get an overview on a chart or map of twitter accounts whom you are following.

Influencers Analysis:

  • Analyze anyone: Sometimes you want to know what other top twitter profiles were doing, in that case, using Analyze Anyone feature in tweepsmap you can get insights about that particular account you want to know about.
  • Analyze twitter list: The above feature can be used for group of twitter accounts with this cool feature.

#2 Hootsuite:

is another powerful tool for managing your Twitter profile. It not only helps in managing your twitter profile but also helps in managing your Facebook profile.

Hootsuite offers a free trail for people who want to test it before they go for it. Below is the feature comparison between the free version and pro version.

After you sign up for their service, it will ask you to add your social profiles to get started.

This is how your interface would look like in the inside.

You will have the ability to schedule your tweets using the publisher feature available in Hootsuite.

With Analytics feature in Hootsuite, you can get your twitter profile overview, twitter engagement summary in detailed. With Twitter Aggregate feature in Hootsuite, you can compare your twitter account with other twitter account and find which twitter account is most engaging one basing on the number of tweets, retweets and followers.

With Assignments feature, you can create teams and organizations within Hootsuite to discuss strategies inside Hootsuite with your team in your organization.

With Campaigns feature, you can create Sweepstakes, Galleries and Contests in Minutes.

And finally, with Contacts feature in Hootsuite, you can get the data about your followers of their followers, following people and klout scores. You can follow/unfollow them directly from within Hootsuite dashboard itself.

With Hootsuite, they offer Google Chrome browser extension to manage all from your Chrome browser.

#3 Buffer

Buffer is another top twitter analytics tool which helps in managing your twitter profile.

It comes in free for a limited use. If you want to use it fully, you need to choose one of their paid plans.

You can also manage your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts using Buffer. With Buffer, you can also schedule your tweets upfront to reach your audience in a productive way. It also helps in discovering the best times for your twitter account for tweeting by analyzing your past performance.

It also automatically suggests you the right time and the number of times you need to tweet for your audience in a day.

You can also track clicks in the links posted on your tweets with Buffer.

Buffer Features Overview: Unlike other twitter analytics tools which I’ve discussed in the above, it doesn’t offer many features as its interface is very simple when compared with many others.

This is how it will look in the inside.

With buffer, you can do the following things.

  • Schedule your tweets to post automatically on specified times.
  • Find your most popular and least popular tweets all time.
  • Get info about your tweets like retweets, favorites, mentions, clicks and potential reach.
  • Get statistics on how much percentage does your followers grew in the past week.
  • You can also add RSS feeds to your dashboard from your favorite websites.

#4 Tweetstats

Tweetstats is another awesome twitter analytics tool which provides graphical statistics of your twitter profile.

Since this is a free service, getting your stats graph may take a while as they limit the number of concurrent users using their site.

Once you have waited for some time, you will get your graphical stats of your twitter profile. This is how it will look like.

You will get the following data using tweetstats

  • Your tweet timeline which gives you the info about number of tweets you make per day
  • Your tweet density
  • Aggregate daily tweets
  • Aggregate hourly tweets
  • Which interfaces you have used for your twitter profile to manage your twitter profile
  • Whom did you retweeted the most
  • Info about to which profiles you have replied to
  • You can also get tweet cloud of your twitter profile
  • And finally, you can get your follower’s stats too.

#5 TwitterCounter

Twittercounter is another powerful twitter analytics tool. It offers a lot of features but to get them, you need to be a paid member to access those features.

Since, this is not a free tool, you can’t access any of its features as a free user. But you can look at its dashboard by logging in with your twitter account.

This is how your Twittercounter dashboard will look like

You can get the following features with Twittercounter.

  • Info about your followers for your twitter account
  • Info about the people you are following
  • Info about people who have unfollowed you
  • Info about your new followers
  • You can compare one twitter profile with another and also you can get worldwide rank for your twitter profile.
  • You can also get info about your Retweets, mentions and Likes.
  • It will suggest you the best times to tweet to get maximum exposure of your tweets
  • It offers Twitter Mail service, where you can tweet by sending an email and also post images to twitpic by email.
  • You can also check any twitter profile and its strength and weakness and provides you handy recommendations on points of improvement.
  • It also has a tracker to track everything like hashtags, your twitter reputation, keywords and mentions which is very ideal for Brands especially.

#6 Twitonomy

Twitonomy is another powerful twitter analytics tool. Unlike the above tool, it is a free analytics tool with no limitations at all.

You can simply login to its dashboard by clicking on Sign in button in its homepage and then you will be taken to your dashboard.

This is how your dashboard will look like.

You will get the following features with Twitonomy.

  • Your mentions and Retweets
  • Your Most influential users
  • Your Most engaging users
  • Your Most active users
  • Your top hashtags
  • Your Most retweeted mentions
  • Your most favorited mentions
  • Your follower’s stats like their followers and the people they are following along with number of tweets they have made so far and also along with their latest tweet.