Tracking with CPV Lab

Tracking with CPV Lab

Of all the tracking softwares available in the internet, I found CPV lab is far best among many others. Today, I am going to show you how to create your first campaign with CPV Lab.

Without tracking setup for your campaigns, you cannot turn your campaign to profitable one. Or with the help of campaign you can optimize your campaign to get better ROI than before. Every successful marketer use tracking for their online advertising campaigns.

For affiliates it is really important to have tracking setup for our campaigns. Those who don’t know how to install CPV Lab, can find a video showing how to install CPV lab here

To start with creating your first campaign with CPV lab, log in to your CPV lab by entering your login details.


After logging in, you will be taken to your dashboard. In the top menu, you can find the following menus.

In order to setup a campaign which contains a single offer, use Direct Link & Landing Page, if you have two offers means like step 1 and step 2 offers, then you should choose Multiple Options.

Anyways, here we are going to show you how to create a campaign with single offer. So, for that, when you mouse hover on Add Campaign, click on Direct Link & Landing Page,

In the next step, you will see the following screen

Give a name to your first campaign in the “Campaign Name” field and choose the predefined source, which means, traffic sources like Bing, Google Ad words, 7 Search, Plenty of Ads. If you are traffic source is not available in predefined source means, you can add your source in CPV lab as shown below.

Now, in the next step, enter your Landing page url, and offer url and give them appropriate values. Here you can split test different offers and different landing pages.

For the field “LP Name” give a name for your landing page and for the field url give your lp website address. And for ID, give any random number and for Share %, give 100% if you want all of your traffic to be sent that landing page only. If you want to split test two different landing pages means, you can enter ID’s as 1 and 2 respectively and for Share %, you should give 50% and 50%

You can also set different Share % for different landing pages, it all about your choice only.

You can, enter different landing pages and different offers and split test them and you can eventually find out which lp is working and which offer is giving good ROI.

After entering these details, save your campaign and automatically your tracking link will generated.

Campaign URL will be your tracking link which you need to link with your ad banners. When someone clicks on your ad, it will lead to this tracking link in the above and then, that tracking will lead the user to appropriate Landing page.

And in the above screenshot, Edit Landing Pages Offer Link, is the link where you need to use in the landing page for call to action, which will eventually takes the user to the affiliate offer.

In short, Campaign URL will be the url which needs to be linked with your ad. Where as Landing Pages Offer lInk will be the link which needs to be used in the landing page for the call to action button.

After adding your offer link to the call to action button or link, you need to paste the landing page code in your landing page in order to make the tracking link. Please “Step 2: Add Code to landing Pages” at the end of your html code like the below.



Add the above to your landing page html code just above the </body> tag,

After placing the landing page code in your landing page, your landing page links will work.

PS: If you directly click on the offer in your landing with tracking link installed in it, the links won’t work as the landing page needs to be opened with Campaign Url.

With this CPV Lab, you can pass custom parameters and di split test and finally you can optimize your campaign with good ROI.

In the next topic, I will be covering even more about CPV Lab.

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  • KK

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for the info. I have a question:

    Hi, If I have directly input the offer unique link (from CPA Network) into the landing page by using Photoshop , do I still need to require to add the CPVlab Offer link into the landing pages again?

    Is the Cpvlab Offer link is the same to Offer Unique Link?

    • vegitaboss

      No, For the cpv lab to track your conversions, you should not add the offer link directly into your landing page.

      You should add the offer link in your campaign setup in your cpv lab.

      And it will give you the offer link something like

      And also add the landing page code to your landing page, so that the base2.php url will redirect the user to your offer link (cpa network).

      And this can be tracked in your cpv lab.

      No, CPV Lab offer link will be different but eventually it will redirect to your cpa offer link if you set that in your cpv lab campaign .

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  • Hi Dheeraj,

    Following on from your post above I’ve got a question. I’ve created a landing page using GIMP and my tracking does not seem to work. I’ve followed all your instructions and emailed CPVlab (there investigating as we speak). When you click on test link the landing page appears but when you click on the landing page a new page comes up saying “No Click”.

    The offer is from peerfly and am using lead impact.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening?

    • Hi,

      You need to open your landing page using your campaign tracking link generated in CPV lab, in that you won’t see the “No Click” error.

      If you open your landing page directly, then you if you click on your landing page, it will gives your no click error.

      Let me know if you need any help.

      • Hi,

        I’m opening my link through the test link – and the landing page loads up. But when i click on it i get “No Click” error. I’m still liaising with CPV lab helpdesk.


  • Hi,

    If you click on the test link, it will take you to the URL something like this

    If you want it to work, just remove the last part &test=true at the end of the URL and try again.

    Now, you will not see the “no click” error.

    Hope this helps.

  • Dee

    I am promoting a CPA offer from MAX BOUNTY.
    SO when I input the field for my offer, do i need to input my creative or the direct link to the offer?Thank you

  • Hey,

    You have to input direct offer URL in the input field for offer.

  • Lewis


    I am having issue with how to access / for each page I created in other to place the code there for each page. When I use the global on my theme to place code /, it doesn’t work well. I get redirected to a wrong offer that I already created.

    Some people use Dreamweaver to access there page html code, but I don”t have dreamweaver to do that.

    What is you advise on how to get this done for each page?

    I also want to know how to place tracking token on CPVLab to track RevContent traffic

  • irfan

    I am getting NO CLICK error,i have removed &test=true part from the url given by test link.Also i would like to ask what is the correct location to add the code generated in STEP 1,is it before and correct location for adding code Generated in step 2,since i am running a lead capture campaign,i added it below auto responder code.Also for directing users straight to the offer, after optin,i have added custom redirect in Autoresponder web form setting,the code which is given in STEP 4 i.e
    Is it ok??

  • Sam

    Hi there,

    I’m using cpvlab and just started on Bing recently.

    I’m doing a split test (different ads on Bing) for my campaign. How do I track which ads is converting the best on CPVLAB?

    Best regards,
    Sam Ho

    • Hi,

      You can use tracking parameters to find out which ad is performing well for your bing ads campaign.

      For to track different ads, you may use {AdId} parameter in CPV lab.

      Hope this helps