Tribal Fusion Ad Network which is owned by Exponential (Full Tango) Review:

Tribal Fusion Exponential Review

Tribal Fusion (Exponential) Ad Network  (Full Tango) Review:

Full Tango is a sub division in Tribal Fusion Ad network which is recently acquired by Exponential.


It is one of the biggest ad network in the internet. If you ever searched for Tribal Fusion or Exponential ad network review in Google search, you might end up with its publisher network review but not their advertiser network review. Since, I have searched numerous times in Google about Tribal Fusion ad network review before but never got any results I wanted in Google search for that term, so i started advertising with them to find out more about it. Unfortunately, there are very limited resources available on media buying in the Internet and even less resources available about Tribal Fusion Ad network. Anyways, I got it figured out by starting advertising with Tribal Fusion (Exponential) ad network.

It provides access to 230 million users worldwide monthly and serves up to 20 billion impressions monthly. Mostly this ad network is being used by big players in the affiliate industry with very high budgets and high CPM’s. But, not the entire network of Tribal Fusion (Exponential) is affiliate friendly. They offer two types of inventories.

  1. Premium Inventory
  2. Full Tango

Premium Inventory:

In premium inventory, you will get first class traffic with very good engagement rate. Unless you have your own product or brand, Tribal Fusion (Exponential) guys won’t allow you to run your advertisements in their premium network. Mostly, this premium inventory will be used by brands like Audi, EBay and other famous brands.

Full Tango:

Full Tango is the sub division of Tribal Fusion (Exponential) Company. This division is being used to sell their ruminant traffic of Tribal Fusion (Exponential) company, which is mostly being used by affiliate marketers because this division has less restrictions when it comes to approval of landing pages and creatives. You might wonder, how you can expect good engagement rate with remnant traffic. But, the thing is, Tribal Fusion (Exponential) Company is very strict in accepting websites into their publisher network and only accepts very high quality web sites into their publisher network. Unless the publisher proves that his submitted website is of high quality with good Alexa rank and also with good design, there is no way, that these guys will accept their publisher account.

So, all the publisher sites present in Tribal Fusion (Exponential) Ad Network are of high quality. It is not that easy to get into their network.

These are things that Tribal Fusion publisher people will mostly consider for accepting a website into their publisher network.

  • Good Alexa Rank (Means, should be receiving good amount of unique visitors daily)
  • Great design (The publisher site’s layout should be of high quality)
  • High quality content (Bad neighborhood sites won’t be accepted, like torrent sites )

If you want to see the list of publisher sites available in Tribal Fusion (Exponential) ad network, you can browse the list here.

So, due to the presence of quality websites in their network, even if the traffic is remnant also, you will get high quality traffic. Whereas when it comes to Google AdWords, it has high quality traffic too, but you cannot simply run your affiliate campaigns with AdWords, because they have way too many policies for accepting landing pages and creatives.

Ways to buy inventory:

This company offers three ways to buy inventory from them.

CPM – Cost per thousand impressions

CPC – Cost per click

CPA – Cost per acquisition

Though they offer three ways, but they prefer selling their inventory on CPM basis only, because it pays their publishers on CPM basis only and moreover, the amount of inventory available in CPC basis is very less and it depends on your CTR. unless you bring very high CTR for your banners, the chances are very low for you to get decent inventory in CPC basis.

And when it comes to CPA, they don’t usually offer traffic to buy on CPA basis, as you need to have good history with them and enough data for your campaigns, then you can ask them to switch your campaigns on CPA basis. This is a great way to scale your affiliate campaign. As you will only pay when you get a conversion.

This network is mostly used by big brands, as it is a CPM based network, it will be used to create brand awareness for their respective brands.

About the Network:

Like I said in the above, it is a very big ad network because of its huge traffic availability. You can browse the publisher sites available in their network, but you can’t simply buy traffic from the sites you wanted. But if you are really interested in buying site specific traffic means, you need to go for an exclusive deal with the publisher site through Tribal Fusion (Exponential) Ad network, which you can get it at higher CPM price. This will be negotiated with the publisher by your account manager. But it’s better, if you approach the publisher directly, so that you can get the deal at cheaper price.

But, in general, your campaigns will be run under RON (Run-of-Network) and will be optimized automatically by the ad server and your campaign manager.

This ad network is a managed network, means, it is not a self-serving platform. You will just need to send your creatives or js tags to your campaign manager and the rest will be handled by your campaign manager and the ad server. With this, you will have very less control over your campaigns, as most of the part will be handled by your campaign manager. And if you want any changes means, you can simply ask your campaign manager to do that for you. On overall, you cannot alter anything by yourself.

If you are going to supply js tags means, then there is chance for you to rotate different banners and pause the ones which are not backing up for you. But for this, you need to have your own ad server to generate js tags.

If you bought inventory from them on CPC basis means, you won’t even get any advertiser login in order to check the stats. Your campaign manager will send you daily reports to your email and that’s it.

But, if you buy inventory on CPM means, then you will provided with an advertiser login where you can check the stats of your campaigns. You can login to your advertiser account at

And the interface will look like the following screenshot

After you have logged in, there will be no options to change settings for your campaigns, it just provides access to reports.

Here is the sample screenshot

Minimum Investment:

They require a minimum investment of $5000 in order to start advertising with them. Unless, you have very good experience in media buying, I won’t suggest you to try this kind of managed blind Ad Network.

Macros Supported:

For tracking with Tribal Fusion (Exponential) Ad Network, they will provide you with two macros.

  1. $SUBID$ – SubId macro is used for tracking domains, different domains will have different subids.
  2. $CLICK$ – A click macro will be useful when you provide 3rd party js tags to them otherwise it is not necessary.

Tracking is very important when running campaigns with high budgets like this, without tracking, you will never make any profits on blind networks like this.


Finally, if you think, you have enough experience and have $5000 for testing. Go start a campaign with them and share your experience here. It will be so exciting and also intimidating when playing big games like this.