Twitter Analytics: From Level Zero to Level Pro

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics: From Level Zero To Level Pro

Twitter has turned out to be one of the most popular platforms for social media marketing. If you are a company and aim to drive traffic through your twitter handle, then did you ever think what actually happens to your tweets after you’ve posted it online? What if we tell you that there was a way you could use a free tool provided by twitter to boost your sales? Well yes, that is quite much plausible with Twitter analytics. Analysing the retweets can be good but if there was a way to determine what impact does your every single tweet makes on your audience, then it would be a plus for anyone.

Twitter analytics is more recent when compared to Facebook Insights or Youtube Analytics, and since it is newly inculcated, the social media marketers had to rely on other tools such as Hootsuite, buffer etc for getting insights into their tweets. But as for now, Twitter is providing this facility for free in form of analytics.

In this article, we will walk you through the very basics of twitter analytics , including the process of setting up an analytic account and then move on to give you few profound tips on using Twitter Analytics in professional style.

Step 1: Register yourself with Twitter ads

Before you can hop on to the analytics bandwagon, you need to first register yourself in the twitter ads. It’s not compulsory to run a campaign or make any payment. Simple registration is required.

Step 2: Add your payment info(optional)

No charges incurred. You simply need to verify your payment methods.

Step3: Launch

Finally, launch and start posting tweets. You’ll get visible results immediately!

What to expect in Twitter analytics?

So this described how to log into an analytics account. Let us move ahead to see what actually twitter analytics has in store for us in it. Whenever you login to your analytics dashboard, you will notice three entities primarily stratifying your queries. Tweet activity, Followers and twitter cards.

  1. Tweet activity

    So this was in a nitty- gritty , what you can see in your tweets activity dashboard. Let us move further and elaborate each and every function of tweets activity dashboard. Twitter lets you compare your own performance over a month’s time period to analyse and assess your campaigns. For that purpose, your tweets activity dashboard would be segregated into few smaller units.

    Once you click your tweets activity dashboard, you will find these three major entities adorning your tweets-

  • Impressions- This is the newest feature added into twitter analytics and shows the number of instances when users viewed your tweet on their timeline.

  • Engagements- This denotes the interaction of your tweet from your audience. It is measured by all possible clicks made through varying sources such as hashtags, avatar, clickable links, tweet expansions etc. High engagement number directly relates to higher number of followers interested in your content or product. You can dwell deeper into your follower’s engagement by using some extremely useful matrix such as-

    Retweets- Strong indicator of people liking your content. It denotes that they at least found your tweet deserving enough to share it amongst their network.

    Favorites- It is virtual sign of appreciation. It shows that your tweets are resonating with the requirements of your customers of audiences.

  • Engagement Rate-
    This will be given by Engagement/Impressions. Twitter has its basis on impressions while facebook deciphers it using unique visits. So what it actually tries to convey is that, it tries to give a stat of the ratio of number of people reading your tweets and the number of people actually doing something with it.

    This is what it looks like in detail if you want to know the number of clicks and retweets for your post-



    This again was the follower handle in a single snippet. Let us now discover step by step what does the Followers option has in store for its users.

    Demographics of followers-
    This will give you a general insight about who follows you on your twitter handle. You will get modified date and time according to your time zone.

    Follower’s interests-
    Besides this, you can also sort out what kind of topics interest your readers more. With this statistic, you can analyse the taste of your followers. If you are thinking what actually can be the need to inculcate this stats, then let us tell you that this can be particularly very helpful in determining whether you are building a useful audience or not. No matter how frequently you tweet, if your audience does not find this relevant, it’s of absolutely zero value.

    Follower’s location-
    Moving ahead, you can also get a calculative view of the region where your followers are located. This can be particularly helpful in determining whether the audience you have garnered is under the target region of your business or not. Especially important in case you have a locally situated business and you want customer build up in your own region. With region specificity, you can wager the time to make postings as well.

    Follower’s Gender- Lastly, you can determine what kind of followers you have more- males or females.

    Follower’s Follow list-
    So this option gives you a chance to do a bit more of competitive research. You can very well do so by determining who your followers follow massively. This can be a very good indicative of your peers.

  2. Twitter Cards

    Twitter cards lets you modulate and optimize the way your website is being shared amongst your followers and in their followers. You can add video, snappy pictures, links for direct app downloads and what not.

    Twitter cards enables separate analytics called twitter card analytics, which is different than normal analytics in collecting data for your website’s URL, not your tweets. You need to set up twitter cards separately if you own a website. Few features of this include-

    Snapshot- Gives holistic view of your twitter card content performance.

Change over time- Overall change in snapshot data over time.

Sources- Gives information about the platforms where your twitter cards have been shared frequently.

  1. Data Export-

    This is an interesting facility provided by twitter analytics where you export data about your old tweets in an excel sheet, which can used innovatively to study your growth pattern. The option is present at the right corner of dashboard. You can export info from October 2013 till date. The matrix available for download will present data for both organic and paid tweets.

That said and done, let us now have a look at few ways for which you can actually use your twitter analytics stats usefully-

  1. Calculating the worth of your twitter ads-
    The first thing with which Twitter analytics can help you with, is determining whether or not your Ads are worth the money you are spending on them. You may be surprised to find that there may be stats which show otherwise. Tweet tab has ab option at top right corner, which shows a chart giving an overview of your organic and paid tweet performance. The chart is user interacting. So feel free to hover over it and get some insight into the details. It only keeps track of last 91 days.

    This chart specifically shows that organic posts are outperforming paid posts. Who like to pay for something whose benefits they can’t garner? This is variable for all users but monitoring the activities is not a bad idea at all.

  2. Checking the growth of follower base-
    Twitter analytics help you track down your followers, so you can actually tell whether you followers are growing or shrinking in number. This is all done by using interactive timeline pictures. When you hover the mouse pointer over the points on graph, you will get an exact number of followers present that day. It has data from the starting day of your account activity.

  3. Getting familiar with your followers- Well yes, getting familiar can render phenomenal success rate in your campaign. Twitter analytics provide valuable insights about the followers of a particular community, region and gender. If you are a company and sell cosmetics then it would be of more interest to you that your followers base has larger fraction of females. Top interests of your follower an show what kind of tweet to plan.

  4. Understanding Interation pattern of followers with time- You can determine what is the best time for you to post your tweets. Overview of impression can show data for last 24 hours telling the best time for a tweet depending upon the popularity of previous tweets.