7 Powerful Tips for Successful Twitter Marketing

twitter success

7 Powerful Tips for Successful Twitter Marketing

Twitter is one of the most popular social media and communication networks online. In a 140 characters tweet, you can communicate anything to the whole world. No one ever thought that the micro blog could turn into such a massive social media network. Below we are presenting you 7 tips which can help you use twitter effectively to promote your blog.

twitter success

  1. Be Who you Are

    Do not try to copy someone else’s style. You can simply not succeed by blindly following any random person online. Try to create a style of your own and stick to it. If a specific style has no positive response, you may find a new one but do not follow anyone because they look attractive in their tweets.

  2. Use it as a Social Media and not an amusement platform

    Use twitter only as a platform to share useful posts with people. Do not tweet for just amusement and never use twitter as a way of killing extra time. You can use platform like 9gag for that.

  3. Do Not Spam Just Don’t

    When on twitter, spamming is a big NO. Never spam or act like a sales personnel. Just give people the information about a product at the most if you want to. Do not try to aggressively support a particular brand. Spamming is hated. Try not to be hated by a large number of people all over the world,

  4. Give Respect Have Respect

    If you are not a celebrity, it is of no point in telling people about your meals or your weekend plans. No one has interest in them. Only share valuable pieces of information over twitter do not try to annoy people by telling them your daily schedule.

    People feel good when they read good quality information on the tweets. Try to post only such things and try never to offend a fellow user.

  5. Do not Use Twitter to Advertise your Blog

    Twitter is a good platform to share authentic information and may be also valuable posts from your blog. Making it a permanent source of traffic is not a good thing. Share only the good posts on twitter and use appropriate and relevant twitter handles for them only.

  6. Using Twitter as a Marketing Tool

    Twitter can prove to be a good marketing tool if used a bit sensibly. If you promote your site too much like the pressure sales policy, it will obviously have an overall negative effect. If you use Twitter in a sensible manner and moderate the content you share, you can surely develop a good relationship with people at individual level and it will have a positive overall effect.

  7. Twitter and Networking

    BY intelligently selecting potentially benefit people on twitter and creating a good business relationship with them, you can utilize twitter as an effective business networking platform. The key is being unique and approaching people with their matter of interest.

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