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Different Ways to Make Money Using 7Search


Different Ways to Make Money Using 7Search

If you are just starting out with affiliate marketing and don’t know where to start? Most people will ask around internet marketing forums like warriorforum on where to start, and many experienced affiliate marketers will suggest you to start with 7Search PPC advertising. The reason why many people suggest 7Search is because it is newbie friendly and also it is very easy to start advertising with them. You can launch your first campaign with them in few mins.

7Search Pay Per Click Search Network

Apart from that, 7Search has very low restrictions when it comes to ad approvals and landing page approvals. Unlike AdWords who is against to direct linking of affiliate offers, you can direct link your offers in 7Search.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider advertising with 7Search

  • You can get targeted traffic for lowest possible CPC’s of around $0.01.
  • They offer lowest minimum deposit of $50 to test your offers with their traffic.
  • Low restrictions for ad approvals and landing page policies.
  • Easy to start your campaign with 7Search and is highly recommended for newbies by experienced marketers.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Unlike AdWords where your performance is limited by Quality score, with 7Search, the more you bid, the better your positions will be in their search.

Here are the different ways to make money using 7Search

#1 Make money by promoting dating offers through 7Search:

Dating Sites

Dating offers are the affiliate offers with low risk. As with their low payout, you can test those offers with your traffic source by spending less amount of money. You don’t need to pour hundreds of dollars for finding profitable campaign for your needs. So, with 7Search, you can easily promote dating offers and get profitable.

Here is how…

Step 1: Create your first campaign with 7Search by clicking on Create Campaign in your dashboard.

7Search My Campaigns

Step 2:

Now, enter your campaign details. See below for example.

7Search Settings

In the above, you can target both Desktop and Mobile users or separately. But it is recommended to create different campaigns for Desktop and Mobile, so that you can easily measure your ROI.

And under Campaign details, since, I am going to promote a dating offer, in the above example you can see I created an ad for Russian dating. For display URL, use the brand URL and for the destination URL, you can use your affiliate tracking link which will eventually redirect to the brand URL. But in your ad, the brand URL will be visible, so that you can get more clicks to brand URL’s than ads with unbranded tracking links.

You can set your daily budget if you don’t want to spend too much for testing. And for the geographic locations, it is recommended to create separate campaigns for each GEO, so that you can know which geo’s are bringing you good ROI.

Once, you have entered all the above details, click on Create Campaign.

Step 3:

7Search offers a great keyword tool, where you can get the estimates on the volume of searches available for a particular keyword.

7Search Bidding

In the above example, since I am trying to promote a Russian dating offer, people who search for Russian women will be my target audience.

The keyword Russian women has good amount of monthly searches and the top bid is around $0.63. So, here I am getting targeted traffic for 60 cents. Since, I am going to show my ad to the people who are searching for Russian women, there are more chances that my ad can be clicked. And also, the conversion rates will very good, as here I am targeting the right audience.

In order to increase the amount of traffic we get, we can bid higher to move to a better ad positions to attract more audience.

Once, you choose your keywords, click on the + button to add those keywords to your campaign, so that whenever 7Search users search for those keywords, your ad will be triggered based on your campaign settings.

And finally, here is how the ad will look like in 7Search.

7Search Search

You can also try different dating offers like Asian Dating, Christian Dating offers, Senior Dating offers etc. All you need to do is choosing the right keywords. Once, you go live with your campaign, you will start receiving targeted traffic to your ad. There are wide variety of dating offers available in prominent affiliate networks like, and These are some of the recommended affiliate networks where you can find plenty of dating offers.

If you spy on other advertisers, you can see many people who are direct linking their dating offer. But it is also advised to test both direct linking and with landing page. If you split test both, you can eventually find the one which is giving you better ROI.

In the above screenshot, the advertiser is using offer from Maxbounty affiliate network.

Find Bride

If you already have an account in those affiliate networks, grab some top converting offers and start a campaign with 7Search right away.

#2 Promote Gaming offers in 7Search to make some bucks

Game offers

Other recommended affiliate offer for newbies is game offers. Since with their low payout, it don’t take much of your money for testing. By spending few bucks, you will be able to find out whether certain game offer is bringing your ROI or not.

Gaming offers work pretty well in 7Search if you target right keywords. As you can see 7Search has decent volume on gaming keywords. If you can able to target right offers to those gaming keywords, you can bag some money.

See the below screenshot for to get an overview.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

As you can see in the above, there are thousands of searches going on in 7Search network for gaming keywords.

Here are some of the ads which are being run by gaming affiliates.

7Search Ads

Make sure to split test with and without landing pages. So, that you can get some insights on which one is working and which is not.

For the game Elvenar in the above ad, the affiliate is using a landing page, seems like this is working for him.

Gaming Landing Page

When you click on Continue, you will be redirected to actual game offer. This is a great way to convince your users and get them converted for your offer.

#3 Bag some Money with Pay per Sale Offers

As you may have already heard about Clickbank. Affiliate marketers are making thousands of dollars every day. They have some decent collection of products which converts great. If you already have a Clickbank account, take a glance at the top converting offers in Clickbank.

Clickbank offers

As you can see in the Clickbank dashbard, from many months, Fat Diminisher and The Venus Factor are the top offers in Clickbank. There are plenty of methods to promote Clickbank products. But do you know that you can promote these Clickbank direct sale offers through 7Search also?

Here is how…

Clickbank product owners spends thousands of dollars for landing page design, so that their landing page gets higher conversion rates. If the conversion rate for their sales page is good, more and more affiliates will try to promote their product which in turn generate more sales to the product owner. So, many marketers wanted to direct link their Clickbank offer in their traffic source. But many advertising networks like Adwords & Facebook who are against to direct linking of Clickbank offers will reject your ad copies. But with 7Search, you can direct link your Clickbank offers with no problem.

If you check the existing marketers who are already running campaigns in 7Search, they are successfully promoting Clickbank products through 7Search advertising.

7Search Ads

In the above, you can see some examples of Ads which are being run by affiliates from so long in 7Search. 7Search has some good volume of keyword searches on weight loss. See the below image for an overview.

7Search Keyword Suggestion Tool

Since, there is a good amount of search volume available for weight loss keywords, you can easily market weight loss products in 7Search. Not only with weight loss keywords, but also there is a quite good amount of search volume available for many top keywords. Check out their keyword tool to get volume information for your targeted keywords.

What are you waiting for? Start your campaign with 7Search today.

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