What is a Suppression List?

If you are into affiliate marketing, you might have heard about Suppression List already. But many newbies still wonder about what a suppression List is?  For those people, i am going to give a short brief on it.

Suppression List : 
A Suppression file is a file containing list of email address who do not want to receive your broadcasts. Often many affiliate networks provide suppression file for each offer. Usually, this list was created when people unsubscribed for the promotional emails of that offer sent to people, the list of email addresses who were unsubscribed will be added to to a file . For people who want to promote that offer through email marketing, then need to use this suppression file when sending their broadcast. So that, people who already opted out for this offer’s promotional emails will not receive anymore emails for that offer.

You can see an example of an affiliate network offering suppression list


And when you download the suppression list, you can see the list in a zip folder


Here in the above, i am showing the suppression list for Alibaba’s Affiliate offer.

How to use Suppression List?

Now you got the idea about what a Suppression list is, but are you still not sure about how to use suppression list?

For example:

If are building your list and have a decent amount of subscribers in your list. And if you want to promote Alibaba’s offer to that list of yours. Then you need to use this suppression list provided by the affiliate network when sending your email broadcast. Because, there might be some people in your list who already unsubscribed for the offer your are going to promote to your list. So in order to comply with CAN-SPAM Act 2003 of (United States of America) you should use a suppression list when promoting using email marketing.

Many email marketing companies like Aweber, Getresponse offers the use suppression list when you create an email marketing campaign .

Here i am going to show you how to upload a suppression file in your Aweber.

Steps for uploading a suppression file in Aweber

Step 1) In your Aweber Account, go to “Manage Subscribers” page.

Step 2) At the bottom of that page, you can able to see “Additional Tools” , in that section, choose “Suppress Subscribers” in order to use the list you have.

Step 3) In “Suppress Subscribers” section, you will have the option to paste domains and email address which needs to be suppressed while sending your email campaign. As you can see in the above screenshot, the affiliate network will provide both domains and email addresses which needs to be suppressed. So, paste those domains list and email addresses list in the suppress subscribers box .

Step 4) When you are done adding the list, click on Suppress  Address/Domains  which will be suppressed when your campaign go live.

You can find the similar kind of procedure for other email marketing companies too. If you want to comply with CAN SPAM Act, you better use this suppression list when sending your email marketing campaign.