What is Link Building in SEO and the Benefits of Link Building?

link building

What is Link Building in SEO and the Benefits of Link Building?

When it comes to blogging, link building is one of the main SEO strategies. In order to make a profitable blog, the blogger must know all the basics of link building. In the coming lines, you will learn some important things about link building and how it can benefit your blog. It is recommended that you read the backlinks
article before getting to know link building.

In the simplest words, the practice of getting links to your site is called link building. Most of the bloggers assume that if they work hard and provide accurate and authentic content on their site, they will get the links. In fact it is not truly correct. You will have to make links for your site to gain more traffic and get better ranking in the SEO.

Until before the April of 2014, link building was quite an easy task to do. People used automated tools, article directories and Web2.0 sites to generate the links to their own sites. Back then, the quality of an article did not count that much. In April 2014, Google introduced the penguin algorithm which made the search engine even more intelligent, making the process of link building difficult as well as technical.

Now-a-days, to get a higher ranking with links, they must be placed on quality sites and the referred content must be relevant to the site. Quality and diversity of the links are the key factors in higher ranking.

Advantages of Link Building:

link building

Having quality inbound links from authentic sources is the best way to get good ranking. It makes your site rank higher in the Google page rank. Modern day link building is a technical procedure requiring proper strategy as well as time.

One of the things to be done in the first few weeks of commencement of your new blog is to build quality links so that the blog gets the level of exposure and popularity that is required to make it succeed.

The links from an authority site that come to your website are always regarded by google as a plus point of your site and you get better places in the google search results by their virtue. It must be kept in mind that having unlimited links is not important but having the links placed on authentic sites is.

The key benefits of link building can be summed up as

  • Better place in the search results of search engines specifically Google.
  • Your site is regarded as an authentic source of information if the links come from authentic websites.
  • It is an important part of SEO
  • It gets you lots of traffic from other sites

How to Build Good Quality Links

Good links can be made by

  • Writing quality content
  • Guest Posts
  • Excessive and proper use of Infographic material
  • Directory submission
  • Be Active on the social media

You may use template WordPress plugins for link making but the correct strategy is to work hard and make proper strategy of the process to get the best results.