What is RSS feed?

Rss Feeds

What is RSS feed?

For Bloggers and general public acquiring information online, RSS feed is a familiar term. But most of the people do not know it in the very depth. In this article, I will be telling you what RSS Feed basically is and why is it one of the most important parts of any blog. Bloggers should never miss the opportunity of offering their RSS Feed as a subscription option to the permanent readers. Most commonly the RSS Feed is colored in orange and placed in the sidebar or alongside the blog posts.

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Some Basic Know-How Of RSS

RSS is one of the most commonly used web feed formats. It is commonly used on websites and blogs which are regularly updated with fresh posts. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. For the blog readers, RSS is a technology that lets them keep track of the updates on the sites of their interest. Normally the users have to bookmark and frequently visit the websites of interest to get the updates. RSS feed can notify them any important post on the site. RSS may use one of the feed readers from feed demon, iGoogle, yahoo homepage or any more. When the user or reader subscribes to any website feed, then the updates are notified to them by the RSS feed reader.

The Benefits of Using RSS Feed

The RSS feed enables the users to keep in touch with your blog without wasting much time. They do not have to open the website every time to get the updates. They can rather use the feed reader for this purpose.

Google reader was one of the best readers back in time. Google shut it down due to some undisclosed reasons and now users can use a number of alternatives which offer even more functionality. WordPress has the feed feature in it by default but this one is not much user friendly. You can make it more useful by burning the feed using a feedburner and also enable the email subscriptions for your users. It is a good practice to put the RSS feed button in the side bar and in between the blog posts so that the latest content is always seen by the reader.

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RSS Feed Subscription

If you want to subscribe to a website’s RSS Feed, you will have to look for the orange RSS feed button on the blog. It is most commonly present on the side bar or in the top ribbon of the blog. Upon clicking or hovering the mouse pointer on it, you will be prompted to subscribe the RSS Feed in email. Often the website or blog redirects you to a new page where you can manage the subscription options. With Yahoo or iGoolge homepage, you can simply click on the icon to subscribe the RSS feed. If you subscribe, the feed is sent to you as an email.