What Makes a Backlink A High Quality Backlink?

What Makes a Backlink A High Quality Backlink?


Ever thought of why a backlink can be important for your content? Yes, there can be many reasons of why there is a backlink in your content and what value will it add to your content. But, before you add a backlink randomly, you should understand why a backlink is important. A backlink is actually important as it links from the business websites to the contents of the personal blogs. Apart from this, it targets on specific keywords, which are brought up on the blogs. Backlinks are mostly embedded in the contents to increase the traffic to the commercial websites. This helps in many ways as the backlinks are developed in such a way that it helps in every ways. But, before you acquire a backlink to your personal blog, you should know how to make your selected backlink to be a high quality one. To make a backlink successful and highly qualified, you must be doing one thing perfectly and it is to follow this important fact.

From a relevant source

The main trick applied by search engines is that they are desired to provide relevant search to the sources. Thus, when backlinks are evaluated by the search engines, it is first considered that there should be a perfect link to the relevant source. The more appropriate you can make it up for the content, the more it can be familiar for getting the backlink to be highly qualified. The Search Engines mainly count on the relevance of the linking site.

From a trusted source

This is quite logical indeed that a high quality backlink would definitely come from a trusted source. If the source is trusted enough, it gets a green signal from the Search Engines. First of all, to measure if a website is trustworthy; you need to check for spam issues in the website. However, in most of the cases it is not. However, it is to be always kept in mind that the higher the quality of trust for a website is, the higher would be the quality of the backlink. This will give a fair chance for your content to be encoded with a high quality backlink as the source will outcome as a good result for the backlink.

Sends traffic

One of the most important finds for every website is traffic, so if the traffic is redirected to the commercial website from your blog, then it must be considered as high quality content. Thus, to make the backlink to be high quality some facts may always be considered. The more you can generate traffic to the commercial website, the more you can actually turn increasing the quality of the backlink. This is quite a straightforward quotient, which interrelates with the level of traffic to the website.

Exact/phrase/synonym match anchor link text used

The first thing that you can take up in your mind is that whenever any keyword is searched on the internet, search engine redirects to the blogs. The one thing that you need to take control of is the exact keyword and the phrase. If the backlink is targeted on such a keyword, which is most, searched, the backlink would be automatically considered to be highly qualified. Exact phrases of the backlinks when searched by the people, automatically generates to these backlinks and then to the commercial websites.


The next important thing would certainly be the context of your content. The more your content is viewed, the more your backlinks are. Thus, there is a specific reason why content is quite beneficial as well. What you need to do is quite simple indeed. You have to make your content the best or in other words, you need to make it viewed many times as well. The more views you can bring up for your content, the more are automatic views for the backlinks as well.

On a page with Page Rank

Page Rank is also a very important aspect to look out for. Similar to the Trust Issue of websites, the preference goes to the websites who are ranked with a better Page Rank. Thus, before you start with the backlink, you are about to develop, you must consider the web page to be ranked a little higher. Still, it is not the only fact to look out for; you must place exact backlinks in your content to increase the quality of it. This will help in other terms to make your content to be higher quality indexed as well.

Next to backlinks to authority websites

The best part is when you get a commercial website on your backlink; you need to keep it up to the authority of the website. The backlinks should be developed in such a way that it redirects to the website only without any other route to a third party website. The more this is maintained accurately, the more it is beneficial for the backlink as well.

Not reciprocal

Websites do not like negative approach to the content. You just need to plug in a positive effect of the backlink which will redirect to the website as well. The search engine verdicts to be the website as banned if a negative approach from the backlinks are uploaded to the content. So you have to make it positive as well.

Few other backlinks on the page

Remember one thing that search engines do not prefer all backlinks to be redirected to a single commercial website. In other words, there is a limit to add backlinks to a website be it low or be it high. When a website sis stuffed with too many backlinks, there are too many automated third party redirection towards the site. This actually creates a negative impact on the website and thus the quality of the backlink has a verdict to be bad. Thus, the lower the limit of the backlink presented, the higher is the quality of the backlink. So try to make out of the better options in the source of the backlinks which you are forwarding in the content.