Why Commenting is Important for Your Blog

Blog comment

Why Commenting is Important for Your Blog

Commenting has an overall positive effect on your Blog’s SEO and stickiness. Commenting lets you engage with the readers in a more productive way and lets you learn many things from the readers. Commenting is important because of the following points. Comments are important and beneficial whether you make on other’s blogs or people comment on yours.

Blog comment


This is one of the most important reasons why a blogger should comment on other blog posts. Many times, we come across bloggers who complain that they are not getting the amount of traffic from the search engines they should get. The reason is the lack of reputation with the search engines. One of the things crucial in making good search engine repo are the backlinks to your blog. Do comment frequently on active blogs and provide backlinks to your own related articles. Do keep in mind, related articles on related posts not any random article. This thing is particularly important in promoting the newly built blogs fast.


This also relates to the backlinks more or less. The key positive effect of commenting is that it increases the traffic flow to your blog. But it is of utmost importance to have comments of value. Do not make general comments like ‘thankyou’ or ‘nice words’. Try to comment in a way that the reader thinks that you have firsthand knowledge on the subject. Only then they will come to your provided link.

In addition to this, answering the questions in a blog posts is also important. If you give satisfactory answers, people consider you seriously. While commenting, keep the following in mind

  1. Try to be the first to comment.
  2. Write detailed knowledgeable comments relevant to the subject of the original post
  3. Do include your image with your email address. You can use Gravatar.com for it.

Though commenting with your keywords is important for SEO but such comments are generally marked as spam. It is a good practice to comment with value comments.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is so much important for the bloggers that we have written a number of posts on it and we think the topic is still not closed. Commenting can increase the SEO optimization of a website even more. Commenting falls into the category of offsite SEO. Following are some of the tips for SEO-Important comments

  1. Comment using your keyword as a name.
  2. Comment on blogs using dofollow comment policies.
  3. Comment on blogs using the Top Commentator widget.

Remember, post only quality comments.

Making a Name in the Niche

Commenting is the best way to make a good name in your niche. If you post regular quality comments on related blogs of your niche, you will get a name which can help you in getting guest post proposals. Learn the effective guest blogging tips here.


Commenting is a healthy practice and the benefits are

  • Backlinks
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic
  • A Good Name in the Niche