WordPress Plugin to let Users Subscribe to Blog Comments

Blog comments

WordPress Plugin to let Users Subscribe to Blog Comments

WordPress is the heaven for bloggers. It has reduced the workload by virtue of the plugins. You’ve got a plugin for whatever you may want to do in WordPress. The importance of subscribers and commenting has already been established in recent blog posts. In case you have missed them, you can find them here Why Commenting is important for your blog, subscribers. Cutting long things short, it is the comments section which makes the post more worthy. Comments are a constant inflow of information and ideas on the topic. It is a good idea to let the users subscribe to the comments of their interest. In this way they can keep in touch with the post even when they are away and for you, it is yet another way of getting a little bit of extra traffic.

Blog comments

Subscribe to Comment plugin for WordPress:

If it’s on WordPress, it has got a plugin. That is a simple rule. Today, let’s talk about yet another amazing plugin which lets your reader/visitor subscribe the updates in comments. It simply adds a check box in the end of the comment. If the commentator marks it, he will get updates about the incoming comments. It is recommended that you use this or some other plugin like it on your WordPress. Before we proceed with this plugin, make sure you have acquired the following plugins.

Subscribe to Comment

Go to add a new plugin menu and search for Subscribe to comment. This is the required plugin

It gives the commentator the option to subscribe to the comment. It can also let you turn off or on subscription on various posts. To get the plugin now comment here

Download plugin

Here in the settings menu of the plugin, you can change your preferences and set a custom message for the readers at the end of your comment form.

Jet Pack

It is another related plugin. It adds a check box to the comments section of the post. This is a better one in the terms of simplicity for the user. If you search for it in the plugin store of WordPress, it will look something like the one shown below. Download and activate it like any other plugin.

The settings of the plugin let you customize the message of the plugin to the users and navigate a number of other options to make it better for you and your readers.


Commenting is an important part of your blog. They facilitate the exchange of knowledge and hence the involvement and return of the users to your site. Letting the reader subscribe to the comments is a good practice. We have found these two plugins amazing for it. If you have some better options do share with us in the comments section.