WordPress Plugins to Execute PHP code in WordPress Sidebar

execute php code

WordPress Plugins to Execute PHP code in WordPress Sidebar

WordPress is known as the best CMS for bloggers. It is because of the diversified functionality it provides to the blogger. One of the important features of WordPress is the WordPress text widgets. These let you add any text including The AdSense ads script in the sidebar. However, it is a bit technical to run a PHP code in the side bar. WordPress cannot execute the PHP codes in the sidebar and they have to be added to the theme file in order to be run correctly. If you know some of the basics of code programming, you can do this easily. But for non-technical users, it is a nearly impossible task. This is an important thing to do when you have to run ads in the widgets. In order to do this, we can use some Plugins. Below we will discuss some of the Plugins great for this purpose.

PHP code Widget:

This is the very first Plugin offering this type of functionality. It can run any PHP code in the Widgets and the side bar. Make sure to use the standard opening and closing tags in the code to make it work the correct way. The Plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress site here.

PHP text widget

This is another Plugin of the same class. It helps you run PHP codes in the blog’s side bar. To use it you have to

  • Activate the Plugin
  • Drag the widget and add your codes

To get the plugin from the official page, click here.

Execute php code

Allow PHP in Posts and Pages

It runs the PHP code by adding a shortcode in the theme of the WordPress Blog. It can be downloaded from the official WordPress site by clicking here


Exec-PHP adds the functionality which enables the PHP codes to be run in a Post, Page and Text Widgets. The Plugin is available on the official page and can be downloaded by clicking here

PHP Snippets

Yet another plugin for easily adding and executing PHP codes in the sidebar as well as the widgets. Click here to download it

execute php code

PHP Code for Posts

Using this plugin, you can add PHP codes to posts, pages, and sidebar widgets using shortcodes. The Plugin adds an options page from where you can control all the functions of this plugin. It can be downloaded free from here.

Shortcode Exec PHP

This Plugin can be used to run the PHP code in posts, RSS feed, comments, widgets and sidebar. The Plugin can be downloaded from this link

WP PHP Widget

This plugin enables you run Javascript, html, text and PHP in the Sidebar and widgets. This one is particularly useful for using a number of codes.


It is a tricky thing to run PHP code in the widgets. It can be made easier by using one of the plugins described above. These Plugins are available for free and the links are provided.