WordPress Post Notification Plugin: Email Notification for Submitted Post

Email Notification

WordPress Post Notification Plugin: Email Notification for Submitted Post

Most of the times, blogs are run by more than one person. Blogging is a hectic job and requires more than one person. Most of the blog owners have more than one author. Some also allow trustworthy guests to post directly from the Dashboard. In such cases, the blog admins or owners want to have a tool which can notify them about any newly submitted post or let the author or guest know if they have rejected the post.

Email Notification

Remember the rule of thumb for WordPress; if it is on WordPress, there is a plugin for it. So like all the other functions, we’ve got a plugin for this function too. The plugin intended for this purpose is known as the WordPress Post Status notifier plugin. It is meant to do exactly what we are discussing here. Status notifier is a very simple plugin. You just install it, activate it and start using it right away. It is a must have for all multi-author blogs or the blogs allowing the guests to post from the Dashboard directly. It acts as a two way notifier. If someone submits a post for review, the admin will be instantly emailed and if the admin approves or rejects the post, the author will be notified about the status.

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How to Use Post Status Notifier

Search for it and install and activate it. We believe that by now you are a master at downloading and installing plugins. The plugin is something like this if you search in the WordPress

Once you have downloaded and installed status notifier plugin, you can access it’s setting under Settings > Status notification. Though there is not much in the configuration page. Here is a screenshot of setting page of this plugin:

The Plugin has the following amazing features

  • Notifies the admin
  • Notifies the author upon the publication of the post
  • Does not need to access the Database, hence does not affect the performance of your blog
  • Plug and play plugin
  • Custom notifications for every single author/ contributor

This Plugin is used by almost all the blogs which are run by more than one author. In my opinion, there is one thing lacking in it. It does not let the Blog owner tell the guest what is the cause of rejection of the post but sends them the same email once set for them. If you have a better plugin in use for this function, do let us know by commenting down here.