YARPP Plugin- How to Add Related Posts after Blog Posts in WordPress

YARP Plugin

YARPP Plugin- How to Add Related Posts after Blog Posts in WordPress

Currently it is observed that the YARPP Plugin is not officially having a good repo with WordPress people. For now you can use some alternatives of YARPP. Stay tuned to us to get any updates on the YARPP Plugin or anything related to blogging and WordPress.

YARP Plugin

Related Posts are very useful for any blog to involve the reader in what is going on in your blog. Related post plugins are the tools that show the post most related to the topic your reader is currently reading. WordPress has a number of Plugins to show related posts. The relatedness of a post to a specific topic is determined by a number of factors by the plugin. Of the various plugins used for this purpose, YARPP is one of the best related post plugins seen so far. It determines the relatedness of a post to a topic depending on a number of factors and the reader almost every time finds the related post interesting.

YARPP can be setup to show related posts even in the news feed of your blog. It is helpful to get some more clicks from your reader. YARPP is in particular useful for the bogs with a large number of posts. It uses the caching mechanism. It means that the related posts are not generated every time rather the post once generated will be shown the next time from the cached memory. It decreases the load by decreasing the php calls of the plugin.

How to install YARP Plugin:

Step 1: To install YARP plugin, first log in to your WordPress admin panel, then after logging in, go to Plugins > Add New

Step 2: In the top right hand side of your admin panel, you can see a search bar to search for the plugins. Search for “Yet another Related Posts” or simply “Related Posts” and press Enter.

Step 3: Now, you can see the plugin you want with install option.

Step 4: Click on Install Now to install the plugin to your WordPress.

After having installed the YARPP plugin, it can be accessed in the settings panel under Settings > Related posts (YARPP).

YARP plugin

YARPP Setting

YARPP offers great flexibility. You can choose to show the relate posts automatically or can use custom code to show the related post at a designated place on the page. You can also choose custom thumbnails for the related posts.

By scrolling down on the settings page, you can also fine tune the settings of related posts. As an advice, it is good to turn off the description of posts. It makes them a little unattractive to the reader.

If you want your readers not to see some of the posts, categories or tags in the related posts again, you can exclude these categories or tags. It is a good practice to exclude the outdated posts and contents form this plugin. It creates a bad impression on the reader if such posts are shown. You can also exclude specific pages which you do not want to appear in the related posts’ section.

The best thing about this plugin is that it has gone through a great evolution and is compatible with all the versions of WordPress.

By showing the related posts, you can very easily decrease the bounce rate of your blog. If your blog is running on WordPress, the best tool to show related posts is YARPP. You can use the following link to download the plugin.

Download plugin