YouTube Ranking Factors

How to rank your YouTube video with YouTube Ranking Factors

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the entire web coming after Google. And according to Alexa it is ranked 3rd globally that means it is the third most visited website in the entire world.

According to quantcast, it is the second most visited website in the United States.

And according to Similarweb, it is ranked 3rd globally. See below for its statistics.

YouTube is viewed not only for entertainment purposes but also for their educational purposes. YouTube is getting more searches on “how to”. More and more people are searching for how to make a recipe, how to fix hair, how to kiss and so on in YouTube. As we all know “Actions speak louder than words”, so people are preferring to watch videos for “how to” things rather than reading a text.

According to data released by Google, not only there is an increase of number of searches for “how to” videos, but also increase in the videos viewed on “how to” content has grown to more than 100 million hours.

The number of “how to” searches in YouTube are increasing significantly every year by 70%. So far this year people have viewed around 100 million hours of “how to” videos in YouTube according to report revealed by Google.

Some of the most popular how to search terms are below

How to remove wallpaper

How to decorate your bedroom

How to videos on prom hair

Since, YouTube videos can also be ranked in Google, you can get even more traffic to your videos if it was well ranked.

Your videos can also get traffic from video search engine in Google.

Google recently started providing YouTube data in Google Trends. Google trends provides the list of trending topics, now it has added YouTube data also, that means people can search trending topics in YouTube too. Since, it has significant amount of traffic, Google Trends has incorporated YouTube’s data in it. So it is very important to have your presence in YouTube which will help you to get more visitors both from YouTube and Google search.

YouTube Search Results:

Similar to Google Search Engine Results, YouTube also uses the same pattern for displaying the search results, like by displaying Sponsored Ads at the top of the search results followed by normal results.

You can also rank your YouTube videos in related videos which will bring good traffic too.

YouTube Ranking Factors:

The following are the YouTube ranking factors which will help you increase your video presence in YouTube search results.

Meta Data:

  • Title:
    The first and important ranking factor for YouTube video is its Title. Your video title needs to be exactly to what people are searching for. Suppose, if your video is about reviewing a Samsung Galaxy S6, then your video title needs to be Samsung Galaxy S6 Review. If your video content does not contain what people are looking for, then people won’t like your video and therefore your video won’t get ranked. Competing for general terms will also won’t help you to get ranked. Suppose, the title Samsung Galaxy S6 is a broad keyword, setting your title for your video won’t help you to get ranked for that keyword. You need to be more descriptive about your title, so that people can find what they want with your video.
  • Description: Your video description also plays an important role in factors affecting your video ranking in YouTube. I have seen many videos with a url in its description, those videos don’t do well in YouTube. You need to write a good description for your video, write about 400-500 word description for your video.
    Talk about your video, write about what your video is all about.
    Many people just use a short description with stuffed keywords and a url in description. These videos don’t perform well in YouTube search. As we all know “Content is the King“, so you need to fill your description with good content. Make sure you use your keyword and provide a realistic description for your video. Include a link to your website as apart of call-to-action in the description, so that after watching the video, they will click on your link in the description if they find it useful.

  • Tags: Tags for your videos also plays an important role in ranking your YouTube video. You need to have atleast 10 tags, unlike Google, YouTube is a bit different when it comes keywords. You need to include both singular and plural terms of your keywords. Otherwise, if you include only plural term, then YouTube don’t even consider ranking your video for singular term. So, make sure you include both versions as your tags. By doing keyword research, use the keywords which match your video content. Make sure, you use relevant keywords as your tags.

  • Transcript: Transcription also helps you increase your video presence in YouTube search results. Many people ignore this or don’t know about this feature, but it is also one of the ranking factors for YouTube videos as it is used to rank your YouTube videos. If you ever read the transcription generated automatically machine? It sucks with lot of mistakes. So, take some time to write your own transcript for your video and upload it in YouTube. Some tests have even proved that, a video got ranked with the keywords present in Transcript even though those keywords were not present in its title, description or tags. So, providing transcript will help you rank your YouTube video.

  • Channel Authority: For ranking your YouTube videos, YouTube also considers your Channel Authority. YouTube is looking for channels with good authority, who regularly uploads good videos and ranks for its terms. If you have a channel with good authority means, chances are more for your video to get ranked well when compared with others. It will be pretty easy for you to rank your new videos, if you already have a channel with good authority. But there are people who don’t have a channel at all but still rank their videos in top in YouTube which I am going to reveal in the next step.

    Second part of YouTube Ranking Factors:

    What we’ve discussed so far are the first part of YouTube Ranking factors, there are other factors you need to consider when trying to rank your YouTube video.

    Keep on reading to know more about YouTube ranking factors

    You are not the only one who is trying to rank your video for your desired keywords. There will be other competitors who are trying their best to rank for the same keywords you were trying for. Ranking a YouTube video is not only about having an awesome title, description and tags. You need to have more, what we have discussed so far are the first part of ranking your video. In the second part, you need to get engagement for your videos in order for them to rank well.

    Views with high retention rate: YouTube considers ranking your video more and more if you get more and more views. But in order to rank you need to get views, but in order to get views, you need to rank. It’s a like a loop. But, that’s how Google is going to determine whether to rank your video or not. If your video was watched by a user and If he watched till the end of the video, then Google will think like, the user has watched the video till the end, that means, he liked the video till the end and he wants to rank this video, so Google will automatically considers your video is a good one and will rank your video if you get more and more views. If your video was watched only like 10 secs, then Google considers your video as cheap quality because people are not watching it till the end. So, if you have a good quality informational video, people will automatically like it and watch it till the end.

    You can see the reports of your video’s retention rate in your YouTube analytics.

    Here is the sample report for one of my videos.

    If your videos were watched 100% means, the chances are more that your video will be ranked high than others. If you have a poor retention rate means, you need to work on your video and try to give something valuable to your users, so that they can watch it till the end.

    “The more quality your views are the better it ranks”

    Inbound Links: Yes, you heard it right, inbound links, is also one of the YouTube ranking factor. For people who know SEO, inbound links are very important for ranking their website, and YouTube is also considering inbound links for ranking a YouTube video. The more inbound links you have for your website, the better it ranks in Google, in the same way, the more inbound links you have for your Channel and for your YouTube video, the better it ranks in YouTube search results. So, try to get more natural links to your YouTube video, by sharing it in social networks and social bookmarking sites. If people like your video, they will automatically link your YouTube video in their blogs and in their social network accounts.

    Try to include your YouTube video everywhere like when sending an email to your friends include your YouTube video in your email. When writing a press release, try to include your YouTube video in that press release, as the press release will be picked up by many outlets and there by you will get more natural links to your YouTube video which will help your video to get ranked high in YouTube.

    Social Shares: YouTube also considers social shares as one of the ranking factors. The more social shares you have for your video, the better it ranks in YouTube. YouTube has inbuilt functionality to share your YouTube videos to other social network platforms. First of all share your videos to your social networking accounts and hope they will be re shared by your friends to their friends and goes on.

    Share your videos on your Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media profiles to get more engagement like shares which will help your video to get ranked high than others.

    Embeds: Getting more embeds for your YouTube videos will help your video to get ranked high. As, Embeds is also a ranking factor which YouTube considers when ranking a video.

    After you have uploaded your video in YouTube, you need to work on your video to get it ranked well. For that, you need to get embeds of your video. In order to get embeds, you need to share your YouTube video in social bookmarking sites, embed your video in press releases, share it in emails, share it in your social networking accounts, embed it in your personal blogs and approach related blogs for your video and ask them if they could embed your video in their blogs.

    Comments & Video Responses: YouTube also considers the number of comments and video responses when ranking a video. If your video has good number of natural comments from different users and video responses from other videos, then YouTube will think like, since people loved what they saw, so they are showing their engagement with comments and video responses and they want your video to be ranked. So automatically YouTube will considers ranking your video if you have those signals.

    Make sure, you get all the comments naturally, Google can easily detect if you are faking any comments. Just make an awesome video and let your viewers comment on your video naturally. Google is looking to rank videos which has good engagement, so the more responses your video has, the better it will rank. Having more comments determines that your video is worth and so people are commenting on it.

    In order to get video responses, the best possible way is to approach your friends who are trying to rank their YouTube videos too and ask them if they want to trade video responses with your video and vice versa. This is the best and easiest way to get video responses to your videos.

    Likes and Favorites: This is the last but not least ranking factor for YouTube videos. The more likes and favorites you have for your video, the better it is going to rank for your keywords. Again, remember, everything should come naturally, the comments, likes and favorites. The first and foremost thing is to create an awesome video, if your video is really awesome, then people have no problem liking your video and some might add your video as their favorite.


    On overall, you need to create an awesome video, then everything will come naturally. When someone shared your video on their YouTube channel, that means they are passing their page rank to yours and similarly when someone does a video response to your video, that means, they are passing authority to your video. Finally, it’s all about engagement, YouTube wants your video to be high quality. So, if you produce an awesome video, people are going to watch it till the end, people are going to engage in it by commenting on it and linking and adding to their favorites. This is why YouTube considers these many ranking factors to rank a video. They want awesomeness in your video to get ranked.

    Please leave comments if you have any questions regarding this.